Java Applet Problem

Posted on 2002-06-10
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
I have a simple Java applet that runs fine, except on 1 Citrix server.  When I try and go to the ASP
page containing the applet, it hangs (NOT RESPONDING in the task list) for about 2 minutes or so, and
then the page is displayed fine.  This applet does run on another Citrix server fine, and runs on various
desktops (Win95, 98, NT4, Win2000) without a problem.  I have narrowed it down to the applet, but I'm
fairly certain that it's just a setting or two on the Citrix server that's causing the problem. We've
tried changing all the standard settings under Internet Options, but nothing seems to work.  We're running
IE 5.5 SP2, and the Citrix server with the problem is an NT 4.0 SP6 box.

The applet code looks like this, with the RetrieveBannerMessages and RetrieveBannerStyle returning a
string from the DB...

<APPLET code="AcuteScroller.class" archive="AcuteScroller.jar" width="167" height="200" VIEWASTEXT id=Applet1>

<PARAM name="Message" value="<%=RetrieveBannerMessages%>">
<PARAM name="Style" value="<%=RetrieveBannerStyle%>">
<PARAM name="Loading-Text" value="Retrieving messages...">
<PARAM name="Loading-Text-Color" value="FFFFFF">
<PARAM name="Loading-Background-Color" value="003399">
<param name="Domain-Keys" value="14874,13217,12321,6833,4127,4331">

Question by:kcleary
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Expert Comment

ID: 7068608
What does the applet do? Does it connect to the server?

Expert Comment

ID: 7068680
Does the Java console display anything?

Hmm, I would suggest a quick test. Change RetrieveBannerMessages and RetrieveBannerStyle to just set some default value to see if its the DB connection that causing the delay. If it is I would assume a security issue.


Author Comment

ID: 7069689
It's a scrolling banner applet (see  The applet makes 2 server side calls with the RetrieveBannerMessages and RetrieveBannerStyle statements, and these calls each return a string of data.  The applet parses through the strings to display the messages in the applet (the strings are XML based).

We're pretty sure that it's not the DB connection/call that's holding things up, but I'll double-check just to be sure.
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Author Comment

ID: 7069872
It's nothing to do with the server or DB call.  I changed the RetrieveBannerMessages and RetrieveBannerStyle calls with the actual param strings (so no server or DB call was made) and IE still hangs for around one minute or so.  

I also commented out the applet code all together, and the page loaded right away.  Like I mentioned before, it's just when you're on this one Citrix box that this behavior starts...anyone else that's run it has been fine.

Accepted Solution

jstarling earned 150 total points
ID: 7070027
Well it was worth a try.

Another possibility is corrupted modules on the Citrix box. Perhaps the JRE or Java VM (dending on the version of Java) is corrupted. Here's a handy link that we use for testing our applets.


Author Comment

ID: 7070049
We got with our LAN group and went to the actual Citrix box to run some tests.  It looks like the MDM.EXE is having problems when trying to initialize a DLL.  A prompt is coming up on the Citrix box, which we think is holding things up becuase it's not getting any user response.  Now, I just found out that Visual Studio is actually installed on the Citrix box...why, I have no idea.  We're going to look into the MDM.EXE a bit, and then try working with the Visual Studio install to hopefully clean it up.

Still looking for any input.



Author Comment

ID: 7070202
This is looking like our possible solution...;EN-US;q194396

Author Comment

ID: 7078567
Well, the problem was with the Machine Debug Manager on the Citrix box itself.  We reinstalled Visual Studio, and that took care of the problem.  

I'm not sure what the proper protocol is for awarding the points on this.  If it's OK, I have no problem awarding the pts to jstarling.

Thanks for the help.
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Expert Comment

ID: 7079530
Fine by me :-)

Author Comment

ID: 7095511
It ended up being the Machine Debug Manager (MDM.EXE) that was corrupted and giving us problems.  We reinstalled the software (Visual Studio), and everything worked OK.

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