Tooltips for menu bar items

The VB menu bar does not have a tooltip property for the items, yet many programs, like Word", have them. How can this be done in VB.?
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rspahitzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way I know to overcome this "limitation" is to create your own menu bar using, for example, a picturebox aligned top, then labels to represent the menu bars, then frames with the menu items listed inside them which become visible when a menu bar label is clicked.  Then, tooltips can appear over any control you want, even if you use the control as a menu entry.
I'm using VB6 the tooltips are available in my development environment.  Are you talking about tooltips in run-time mode, maybe?  Usually you can do this by setting the control's ToolTipText property.
brayleAuthor Commented:
Sure, most controls do have a tool tip property, but I don't see it for items on the menu bar, developed using the VB6 menu editor found under "Tools".
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Menu entries do not support tooltips; this is also true in Word as far as I can tell.  This is different on the Toolbar, which has the little pictures  of functions you can perform.
brayleAuthor Commented:
I think you are right, what a shortcomming. I will award your points tomorrow if no one has a better idea
I use office 2000 and none of the applications show a tooltip for menu items. However, if you want to display descriptions in a status bar (as IE does) you can use this code from M$:;en-us;Q185451
The button Object of the toolbar buttons collection has a tooltiptext property

(tbtest is the toolbar name)

Dim b as button

Set b = tbTest.Buttons.Add
      b.key = "PASTE"
      b.Tag = "PASTE"
      b.Style = 0
      b.Image = "PASTE"
      b.Enabled = False
      b.Description = "Paste From Clipboard"
      b.ToolTipText = "Paste From Clipboard"
brayleAuthor Commented:
I checked Word and swear I got tooltips, yet when I go back now I don't get them and have to accept my statement was wrong in that regard.

To igv: Thanks for your addition, I saw that Knowledgebase article too, but don't want to use the status bar.

To i jester69, thanks also, but that seems to address the toolbar, not the Menu Bar.

In the morning, I will award the points


Sorry, you are right.

Just tired, didn't read well enough. :(
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