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Problem trunking 2 switches

I have a Catalyst 2924 and a Catalyst 2950.  Both are in the same VTP domain.  I have set port 22 on the 2924 and port 24 on the 2950 as trunk ports using 802.1q encapsulation.  I then shut down interface vlan1 and created an interface vlan254.  The addressing is:  in vlan 254 for the 2924  in vlan 254 for the 2950

I set the ip default gateway as

the ports register as "up", but if I do a "show cdp neighbors" I can see the other switch.  However, I cannot ping accross.  Now if I shut down vlan254 and assign the same ip address to vlan1, then bring up vlan1, I can ping the other switch.  What gives?  The vlan is defined in the database on both switches.  What's the difference?
1 Solution
VLAN 1 is the native VLAN for the trunk.  Did you reassign the trunk port to VLAN 254?
If you do a show vtp status, does it list how many vlan's you have? Did you say you can or cannot see the other switch using show cdp neighbors?
I think Geoffryn is on the right track.  If you are putting your management interface in a different VLAN you need to assign it to the correct native VLAN.

Take a look at these:



Hope that helps!

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