BCC an email message to myself automatically in Outlook 2000


I need to be able to BCC every email I send to myself and another person. Rather than have to select the two emails every time I make an email and put them in the BCC field, is there a setting or some way that the process can be automated in Outlook 2000.

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JambyteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this will open a new email message using your default email client with the bcc field filled in.  create a shortcut or batch file that runs this command:
Start mailto:?bcc=myself@domain.com;anotherperson@domain.com

Since BCC are not included in any action provided in rule wizard. You should try some other thrid-party software to make a custom action.
Try this one http://www.ornic.com/actions/cabook.shtml
I using it for even more complicated case.
Create a message form.  Put BCC field into that form and type your email address in the box.  Save it to template file.  Send email by using that form, It will contain your email automatically.
sorjasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments.

ThaiTran, your solution is more elegant however for simplicity's sake Jambyte's solution is exactly what I need.

It's a shame I can't give both of you the points or split it. :(

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