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Setting up an Icon for my app.

Hi. I just created this small Win32 Console Application. It runs in a DOS window. I need to setup an Icon for it different from the one setup automatically by Windows.

How can I do this????

p.s. I am using Visual C++ 6.0 for development.
Thanks in advance.
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your .rc file - there should be an entry like

// Icon with lowest ID value placed first to ensure application icon
// remains consistent on all systems.
1           ICON    DISCARDABLE     "myicon.ico"

BTW - you have added the .rc file to your project, have you?
Add an Icon resource to your project, that's it.
dyma82Author Commented:
I did that, but my project keeps having the default windows Icon for Console applications. Do I have to change any setting for the project????

Thanks a lot!
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Hmm, you will also have to make sure that the resource ID for the icon is '1'
dyma82Author Commented:
Let me try that...
jkr is correct, dyma.
Just create a resource icon,
resource value doesn't have to be "1," though.

If you didn't see your app with your custom icon,
you tried running it inside VC++. It seems like VC++ IDE
doesn't set the icon for the console app.

Look at your executable file, you'll see it has your
custom icon. Run it from outside VC++, it will display your icon.

give jkr the points. :)

hope that helps!

dyma82Author Commented:
Hi. I did all you guys said. It still does not work.
Does it have any importance the fact that this is a
Win32 console application???

I was able to create the Icon in Visual C++ (That's the IDE I am using). Then, I compiled my code, but nothing special happen. My app kept it blue-and-white little window as an icon.

How can I check the resource ID for the icon???

Thanks a lot for your help.
dyma82Author Commented:
Hey "jkr", I was missing just that. Adding the d... .rc file to my project. Now it is working fine!!!

Thanks a lot everybody.
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