Raid array fails to boot on abit BD7

installed new visiontek G4c 4400 but not before uninstalling ATI radeon drivers in add remove. shutdown puter and install G4c. reboot and Lo my  primary 0 raid array fails to boot with message from highpoint controller saying  

Critical Status :
one of the mirrorred disks has either failed or is nt responding. teh mirror array will work with falut tolerance function disabled. we strongly recomend you first solve the prob before using mirror arry
/array = Stripe (array2) Model: Maxtor 6L080J4 serial: xxxxx     REMOVED
make sure all blah blah . . . . . . .
press to enter the HPT370\372 BIOS utility

with further wisdom indicating this drive has either not connected failed or is not reponding, check all cables and jumpers blah blah blah. I checked EVERYTHING. replaced ide cables jumpers, tried new jumper settings changed up PS leads   switched ide channels on drives, nada.

effer wont boot. Run Maxtor diag util on server box and it has no prob seeing drive and testing and passing drive. put it on another machine ( the faulty drive ) and run test again. passed and it shows up in bios but still wont boot so these are my specifics :

Abit BD7raid mobo.with original bios and onbaord highpint 372 raid controller version 2.0 drivers

2 Maxtor DL740X drives formatted NTFS on primary raid channel (ide3)

2 Western D  WD 80  HDDs on secondary raid channel (ide4)

running XP and  raid 0 (stripe)im not sure anything else matters but if it does plz ask.
of course i thought aboutflashing bios of mobo but the caveat there is doing that and flashing raid controller  *might* corrupt the data already there . so  HELP !! thats about 160 gigs of my lifes work on brand new drives !! Yes i did try to backup with ghost but ghost wont do raid , at least i coudnt get it to work and neither did  drive image  2002. i do have a new mobo coming and i did think about cloning hte broken dirve with ghost and replacing it. that just might work , i dont know any suggestions i have not thought of ? I need the data form this drive !!

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1) First restore your previous VGA card.
The new Gc4, may somehow be interfering with your RAID controller.

That is the only thing you changed before this happened.

I hope this helps !
If that does not help, you have 2 choices to recover your data.

a) go to or a similar LAB, and get a quote on gow much it is going to cost you to recover the data.

b) Go and get a completely new set of similar hardware and see if you can get the drives working.

I hope this helps !
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"HELP !! thats about 160 gigs of my lifes work"

Perhaps you should consider using RAID-1 instead of RAID-0 next time.
0+1(10):-))) he/she wants striping...
IronMaidenAuthor Commented:
"Perhaps you should consider using RAID-1 instead of RAID-0 next time"
perhaps you should consider not bothering to waste bandwidth if you cant say anything helpfull. If there is a complaint dept for handling people like you , consider it done.
I  have tried reinstalling old vid card but to no avail. I am getting new mobo today so will swap that out and see. but yes so far it seems the best thing is 2 new non maxtor drives and trying to go from there to get data back.
Thanks SysExpert.
Greetings all.  IronMaiden was taken aback by your comment, magarity, and it is my interpretation that this was not intended to be insulting, but rather said in jest.  There is a Q in Community Support in this regard, perhaps we can clarify things there to keep this thread relevant to the technical issue at hand.

Moondancer - EE Moderator
I would hope that this is the end of the discussion regarding intended or non-intended remarks for this to escalate into something more.  I trust all here are professionals, as I am familure with most here.

There is a question to be answered, and that is what we do here.

So please to all, let's keep the tread civil.

Thank you,
Community Support
Admin @ EE
IronMaidenAuthor Commented:
well i treid installin old vid card but that did nothing. I dont really htink hte 2 had anything to do with each other except that i had to power down the puter and i ususally dont do that ( 247) as teh drive seems to respond to diagnostic utilitys i suspect the highpoint onboad controller  but when i get hte mobo we will see. Does anyone know if ghost will do an exact clone of a striped drive and if there are any special settings i should use? ( crc forces come to mind)
IronMaidenAuthor Commented:
well what do you know? i fired off emails to Maxtor and highpoint and highpoint came back with this one :

Attached is the RAID recovery utility (raidrb.exe).
This utility can rebuild standard 2-drive RAID 0 arrays.
It is an early build, so we recommend referring to Readme2.txt for better
Always make sure to run the first option - this will create a ".bak", or ".dat" file,
which can be used to restore the array's settings, in case a recovery
method fails.
HighPoint Technologies

I will try this one out and let you know how it goes so please keep an eye out for my reply as this could be a greqat learnig experience for all
Points refunded and quesstion placed in PAQ.


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