It happened like this.. when my Drive "C:/" became so full i transferred my folder "Inetpub" to an another drive and changed the same in the IIS also.
 Now when i opened a new web application. When i build the project i receive a strange problem, rather from today morning. the error says

"Unable to write to output file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.OCEAN\VSWebCache\OCEAN\WebApplication1\obj\Debug\WebApplication1.dll': The specified image file did not contain a resource section."

Why does this problem arise... can some one try to get me an answer.... I will not be able transfer my folder "Inetpub" again tyo "c:/".. so what should i do......
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It has to more to do with your project properties. The out put seems to be still pointing to C drive folders. Go though each build configuration and check if there is a refrence to this absolute path in C drive. Change all output paths to relative to your current project location. If that does not help. Then open the aplication's project file in text mode in notepad or something and search for "Documents and Setings" string. And see what setting is pointing to this folder.
ramanujamsampathAuthor Commented:
I couldnt even build a new project and hence no Project file was created... and the files which were created are.....

1. WebApplication1.vbproj
2. WebApplication1.vbproj.webinfo
3. WebApplication1.vsdisco
4. Web.config
5. AssemblyInfo.vb
6. Global.asax
7. Global.asax.resx
8. Global.asax.vb
9. and 3 files on webform1

and ic hecked with all the properties of the project as well as the solution file... for the word "Documents and Settings" but nothing was found.... is there any other way to help this out...???

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Seems like the compiler caches to your C partition. What you can try is to reset the cache directory of windowsd to another harddrive.

That directory is specified for caching of active webservices.

Within the VS.Net IDE you need to go to the Web Settings, Projects Options Dialog Box. There you can set the location of your web project cache.

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Zlatin ZlatevTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Acording to me it is problem with user name and local settings for user.
Check out whether the folder
'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.OCEAN\VSWebCache\OCEAN\' exists and you have sufficient privileges in it.
You may need to reset privileges, if your partition is NTFS.

Zlatin ZlatevTechnical ArchitectCommented:
@ramanujamsampath, Question status please...
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