Pix Firewall PPTP VPN issue

my configuration is
internet-->netopia router-->cisco pix firewall-->client computers

i am trying to establish a vpn connection where the client computers are on the inside of the firewall and the server is outside, offsite. i can open the vpn tunnel fine, but when i enable the gre for the IP of the vpn client computer, all our sites we host here, and our mail server (which is also hosted on the inside of the firewall) no longer function. in other words, they are not accessable to anything outside the firewall.
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scraig84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
GRE typically requires a one-to-one NAT - no PAT involved.  If you are hosting all of those services by using PAT to redirect ports off of a single IP address and then you NAT that address directly to one single inside IP for the purpose of GRE, you will kill all the PAT statements.  Do you only have one outside (public) address or is there a block of addresses that you can use?
Okay, can you give a little more in depth information. Please explain your current network setup. Your setting up a GRE tunnel on a Cisco pix to a client site and whenever you bring it up you lose connectivity to servers behind the firewall, correct? This could either be a routing issue or a firewall configuration issue. If your bringing up a gre tunnel and assigning it an IP, you will evidently be routing thru this tunnel. You may want to configure the Pix so that it only allows traffic from one machine to get thru the tunnel and test it from there. Check your route tables to make sure that nothing is attempting to use the tunnel when it is brought up. If your using any dynamic protocols like eigrp or ospf, make sure that you exempt that interface from the routing table while your testing.
I think Scraig84 has hit it on the head, it does sound like you are doing PAT and the PIX definitely requires a one to one NAT per client machine for GRE.
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I second geroffyn's motion that scraig84 hit the nail on the head.
erostosthenesAuthor Commented:
actually we are using both. there is a list of IPs for use on NAT, and in the case of overflow, there is one PAT IP. i sort of get the idea that using the access-list command to enable the gre turns off the access group, but i don't know enough about Pix firewall rules to be sure, nor do i know an alternative if that is the case.
You cannot PAT GRE.  As long as you are using static one-to-one nat for GRE per clietn, and the NATed address is not part of another NAT pool, this will work.  Here is an example of the NAT and ACL from a functioning PIX v 6.1.

(assuming no outbound ACL)

name 10.0..0.56 PPTP-HOST

access-list outside_access_in permit gre any host
access-list outside_access_in permit tcp any host eq 1723

static (intf3,outside) PPTP-HOST netmask 0 0
Still the same issue. As long as there is a free address in the NAT pool, a user may be able to make a connection. Once they are used up and the PAT overload takes effect, no more users can make a PPTP connection.

Can you post an example of your access-list when you attempt to enable gre? Are you applying it inbound or outbound, and to which interface?
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