networking two comps (w95 and w98)


I've got two computers, a desktop running Win98 and a laptop running Win95.

I have a Linksys router and a cable internet connection.

Right now I've got the Win98 machine running fine thru the router.

I recently tried to hook up the laptop to the router as well.  

The two computers are seeing each other through Network Neighborhood, but the 95 machine is not seeing the internet connection at all.  

Can anyone help me here?

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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, try using static ip's on the laptop
right click on network neighborhood, choose properties, tcp/ip for the NIC, specify an ip address
use these settings
enable dns and use (or if you know the ip of your isp's dns server, use that)
disable wins
reboot and ping the above addresses
also ping
and ping
and ping
Bruno, static ip's or are you using dhcp with the router as the dhcp server
what does winipcfg on the 95 box show?
can you ping
how about
If you can ping the ip address, but not the domain name, then check your dns settings on the laptop

also try updating the winsock on the 95 box
also check the gateway on the laptop it should be
dns ip should be either the ip of the dns server from your isp or
mask should be
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brunoAuthor Commented:
sorry, i should have mentioned that winipcfg shows all 0's.

when i "renew all" i get

Error.  DHCP server unavailable:  Renewing adapter ""

I do NOT have static IP address, I guess I'm trying to use the router as the DHCP server.  

I have used the laptop in the past (few years ago, on my college network) everything worked fine.  Just not working thru the router.

How do i check the gateway on the laptop?

brunoAuthor Commented:

why did that all work?

(didn't ping those addresses, but i can now access the internet)
brunoAuthor Commented:
I have used THIS actual router before to network machines with no problem.

Was this because it's a win95 machine?

Looking for knowledge as well.  :-)
why did that all work
for some reason it wasnt getting it's ip info from the dhcp server (the router) so you had to manually enter it

Was this because it's a win95 machine
maybe, w95's networking wasn't as good as 98, which isn't as good as xp
I think it had more to do with the fact it was on a network (college) and was having trouble switching over to the new network
it could see the network neighborhood thru NetBEUI, and wan't using tcp/ip for file sharing
brunoAuthor Commented:
Ok...I had set all the settings to the same as I had on my Win98 machine....and the way that the quick start router guide said I'm not quite sure how it could be confused on what network it was on.  

But obviously it worked, and I feel like a wonderfully geeky geek now, with my two networked computers in front of me.  I've been waiting for this day for a while.  


Bruno, glad I could help
brunoAuthor Commented:

I'm glad you could help too.  

brunoAuthor Commented:
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