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Hi All,
I have a program that lists Types in the uses. I have D4 and am unable to access this. Is there  some one that has a suggestion where it is available or how to adapt so that I can run the program.

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robert_marquardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check if you already have a globunit.dcu and if it is read-only. That can happen easily if you copied the files from a CD-ROM.

Invalid stream format means that Delphi failed to read the .dfm file. See if it is binary or text format.

Variants.dcu is new in Delphi 6. Not needed for Delphi 4 and 5 because it is in Windows.pas.
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If you remove that "Types" from the uses, about what is Delphi complaining then?
Ah, Madshi is the first one to understand your question.
Seems we are still sleepy.
As Madshi suggested remove Types and recompile. If an error occurs then add Windows and SysUtils to the uses.
If you still get an error then report back with the error text (copy and paste works).
delphi3Author Commented:
Hi All,
Thanks for responding

Supposedly the person who wrote this uses Delphi 6 and I have Delphi 4

Listing my actions:

clicked on Pmain.dpr

>Error creating form : invalid stream format (twice)

clicked OK (twice)

>Access Violation at address 40003DE6 in module 'Vcl40.bpl. Read of address

clicked OK

Now  Delphi 4 is looking the Pmain.pas

looking at a uses list:

  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
  Dialogs, ExtCtrls, StdCtrls,globunit,Math,previw;

A Compile  shows:
>[Fatal Error] main.pas(6): File not found: 'Variants.dcu'

Removed Variants

A Project/Compile  shows:

unit globunit comes into view:

looking at this globunit uses list:

  uses Graphics,Types,ExtCtrls;

A Project/Compile  shows:

> [Fatal Error] globunit.pas(4): File not found: 'Types.dcu'

Replaced Types with: Windows,SysUtils,(suggested by somone listed above reading
this Q at EE)

A Project/Compile  shows:

>[Error] globunit.pas(34):[Error] globunit.pas(34): Could not create output file

delphi3Author Commented:
This is a program that I obtained from another EE participant that was sent to me as a .zip file,  not on a CD.  It has a the .exe,and  the .pas, .dfm and  .dcu and other 'complied' files in the zip.

I do have both the  globunit.pas and the globunit.dcu neither shows the attribute 'read only' when queried for properties.

So as a test I removed all the dcu's and let my D4 compile them. Errors all over the place, so much so that the it looks like a corrupt program , and I had to use Ctrl, Alt,Delete key sequence to get to the  Task manager to end the Delphi 32.exe.

As a test run of the .exe that was shipped it did not show correctly.

As a call back to the  person who developed the program the comment was 'it runs fine for me. I have no idea what is your problem.'

delphi3Author Commented:
Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by:
Pay off goes to Robert for being the most involved

Guess we are done.

Not much else to add but toss it in the garbage.

delphi3Author Commented:
Thanks again
To All of you

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