Outlook 2000 crashing when replying


I have a weird problem here. The Outlook 2000 of one of my user is crashing when he wants to reply. He double-click the message, then click on "Reply" and as soon as he clicks the left button to put the cursor between 2 lines, he gets the error message saying that Mso9.dll caused a problem. I have checked solutions on the MS website, but nothing.. nada.. niet.. kaimu...
Someone can help me?

Thank you
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percy_kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check if the following key appear


1. Making a backup for the registry
2. Delete the above key.
3. Restart Windows
4. Install Office SR1

Have you tried a Repair?  Start-Settings-Add/Remove-Office2k-Repair.
You may also want to copy that file from one of the machines that work and see if that helps.
If on 98 you may also want to do a Start-Run-SFC and replace that file and/or check for corrupt system files.
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Try repairing outlook and reapply the service pack.  The most likely cause of the problem is a corrupted file, which both of these items will fix.

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