Proposed Graduation Software Projects .

Hi ..
     am asking about software projects can be proposed to have in computer science, please suggest number of software project ideas and describe them briefly ..

      suppose a student in the last year of a faculty of compter science, about to have the B.Sc degree , and he is interrested of network & database programming projects , like implementing a network secure protocol or designing an electronic casheir ... or any thhing else ..
please ,list some new proposals and ideas of similar systems ..

with regard ..
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CJ_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A new idea which is getting more and more common (well, at least so I hear) is to ask companies if they can use someone for a certain project. Since that project NEEDS to be finished (either commercial or in-house (non) commercial) the student will always get to the end of the programming traject.

This meaning that students go to a companie to work for them and help in only one project which they need to solve 9together with other people, but mainly their work). When the application is finished the company will evaluate whether the product is exactly right and if so, they pass otherwise I don't know :-/

Maybe an idea?

I will sugest to design and program a Human Resources Staff Information system using Oracle 8i, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and populate this IS in WEB for the backoffice usage.
Consider the programming game of "animals" which is an ever expanding database with options to be filled-in every time it hit a point it couldnt progress from.

Consider the "Eliza" program which sought to appear human and did a basic job of breaking down the responses for a proper english-type reply.

Consider the "turing test contest" seeking to achieve a program able to respond in a human-like fashion.

Merge the ever growing concept of "animals" with the parsing-english capabilities of "Eliza" to achieve a database which can not only appear human but when confused by new data can ask appropriate questions for adding the situation to its own database to avoid the problem in the future.

For added levels of difficulty consider a networked version which is willing to find/merge additional copies of its database gained by other copies of itself running over a college network.

End goal:
A database and program which is not competitive to the turing contest but can become so over a period of time thru interaction.

Gandalf  Parker
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young_alimAuthor Commented:
thank's for you all.
I disagree with the given grade.
Hi young_alim,

Normally when grading lower as a A (or B), an experts expects a comment what is missing in your opinion, thus enabling him/her to improve the answer for a better grade.


You could ask a moderator to check this Q.

Don't care that much ;-) I only disagree :-)
young_alimAuthor Commented:
Dear, Cj
  I respect your being in the knowledge share community as an old expert, and I am sorry granting you such unfair grade , but what am exactly looking for to answer this question I found it in "think in middleware programing (Multi tier Archeticture) through distributed COM or using CORBA applications to design a program deals with billing data or accounts in a take a way returant that use car service , ........
this would satisfy your network concern, and also databases that you mentioned in your question, ..."

this was recommended by a friend throuh mail.

I believe that you deserve much more than grade assigned to this question , so please, guide me to the way I can grant what you really deserve ,
and I apologize again for that .
reagards, alim.
thank you very much for your reply! It isn't really necessary to grade it higher than it currently is (I'm not in it for the points), but I would appreciate it great times!

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thank you! young_alim, thank you too!

regards to both,
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