"Image" in JSP and WebSphere

Hi guys, i have some problems here.

I have create a web-pages using JSP 1.0 and WebSphere Application Server 3.5.4. In my web-pages I would like to put some image in the JSP pages. But the picture doesn't show up. I have checked thousand time on the coding and it's absolutely right. But end of the things, it's doesn't show the picture.

But... if I change my WebSphere to Apache Tomcat, the pages work fine!

What's wrong in here?? Ha...

<title>Machnie Information (JNPF30r)</title>
<body bgcolor= 9999FF onLoad="scrollit(100)">
<TABLE border="0">
     <img src="logo.jpg" alt="Logo">
     <img src="msia.jpg" alt="Malaysia">
<h2>Please Select Division Code or Machine Model ver. 2</h2>
     Serial Number  :  <Input type="text" name="serial" size="10" />

I am very sure also that the logo.jpg and msia.jsp is in the directory.

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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As a test try viewing the image files directly.
For example if you jsp url is:
Then try to loadyour images using:

This will confirm whether they are available or not.
Let me know how you go.

you are using a reletive address for the Pics try using Absolute like http://url/logo.jpg
foongkimAuthor Commented:
object and raid999,

Thanks for your concern. TQ.

I have tried like what u told, but the IE return, "The Page Can Not be found".

The JSP pages is called, checkimg.jsp, and the way I call this pages is by http://cmmsb:1025/checkimg.jsp. So, like what u all said, when I type, http://cmmsb:1025/logo.jsp or http://cmmsb:1025:msia.jsp, both return Page Can Not Found.

I am sure the .jpg files is there. Same directory like my checkimg.jsp.

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Check if there are two versions of checkimg.jsp.
And that the jpg files exist in the same directory as all versions of checkimg.jsp.

foongkimAuthor Commented:
In Apache, I have tested the programs. And samething happend to Websphere. Nothing wrong with this..... I mean the version of the checkimg,jsp and the jpg files. Only and only one object only in that directory.


Very strange case right?

I suspect is the WebSphere causing me problems. Cause I run my JSP and jpg in AS400 files system. And my .jpg and .jps is uploaded through the FTP concepts. But for sure the .jsp is working because all the while I am using FTP method to post my jsp programs into my AS400.

> when I type, http://cmmsb:1025/logo.jsp 

Is this a type, should be logo.jpg.

foongkimAuthor Commented:
Sorry, i type http://cmmsb:1025/logo.jpg and http://cmmsb:1025/msia.jpg in the IE address bar
Then i'd be triple checking that the jpeg files exist in the same directory as your jsp, cause the web server does not appear to be finding them there.
foongkimAuthor Commented:
Yeah.... ojects.. so great u understand what is my problems is.....
So starnge is it....


Come, see we can solve the problems together or not. I have just reported to IBM and wait for their respond...
Check the case of your URL.

It must match exactly the case of the image stored in the web root. Even though in NT, the files named "image.jpg" and "Image.jpg" are the same thing, they are not the same thing in UNIX. If you want to make your application truly portable, you must treat the file names as though case mattered. Also, if you were to put your images into a WAR file, case would matter.

I know that WebSphere enforces this, as of something like 3.5.2. I also know that other application servers such as JRun do not enforce this.

foongkimAuthor Commented:
HI all, I have checked with the documentation regarding my WebSphere.

I think I need to some configuration on my HTTP Server which act as Web Server for my WebSPhere APplication Server. It's because when I type in the url for my picture files, it doesn't show up.
foongkimAuthor Commented:
Actually I solve the problem myself.

The magic part is the HTTP Server which act as WebServer with Websphere Application. I need to specify the exact location of the html pr jpg files location in the HTTP Server.

While for my jsp pages, all the while the server instances I created is JSP and servlet enabled. That's why my jsp pages can view and jpg or html can not view.

Good to hear you gor it solved.
Thanks for the points :)

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