placing text in the tray area

hi everyone, i was wodering, is there any way to place (and keep updating) text in the tray area instead of an icon?

something like the clock in windows.

i need to show the progress of my program in percentage on the tray and i'd like to do it by displaying it as text

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TasomiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try the CoolTrayIcon Component By Troels Jakobsen.

CoolTrayIcon is a tray icon component with many properties to customize the icon's behaviour and appearance.

It Includes an enhanced tray icon component, TextTrayIcon, which allows you to show a tray icon with a text of your choice. You can also specify font, colors, and border properties.

listening . . .

you could animate an  icon,
i know thats not what you want

meikl ;-)
urifAuthor Commented:
tas, do you have a code snippet maybe? i mean, so far i haven't used any vcl component other than those thay ship with delphi and i'm trying to stay away from components: copyrights, etc

if you could give me a code snippets, otherwhise i'll dive into the code of the vcl and extract it. of course i'll give you the points

thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate it.


Read the install.txt file in the zip archive.

It's about "How to install the components"

urifAuthor Commented:
it's not about installing the problem, i'm trying not to use VCL components. that's all, i *know* how to install components under delphi.

anyways, i really appreciate your help, thanks!
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