What is SCADA?

Any help what is SCADA about and how does it relate to .NET?
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JonathanAyresConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

SCADA systems are widely used throughout industry in control and supervisory applications. They may be based on custom hardware or may run on a (typically Windows based) PC. Try looking on the web for Allen-Bradley or Intellution iFix for examples of both types.

SCADA software tend to run a little behind the times in terms of the technology that it is based on & so it is unlikely that any of the Windows based SCADA packages available have been moved to the .NET platform or are particularly .NET aware.

There is no reason why a .NET application shouldn't interact with a SCADA system but there would need to be some unmanaged code at the interface.
Take a look at the following link for more info on SCADA.


It does not relate to .Net framework. Its more of a network application that is used to connect devices through serial port.

SCADA seems to relate to more than one product. In one thing naveen is right.... it does not relate to microsoft's .net unless they've built their own libraries for .net (which I haven't been able to find at all).

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YogAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info, looking into it, brb :)
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Hi Jonathan,

 Thanks for the help, between i would like to know more info and any sample code might help, i will increase points or i would like to split the points..:)

Thanks much
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Thanks guys for helping, i am not looking into it now, i will post to split the points :)

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