Getting Shared Folders from a network Machine

Posted on 2002-06-17
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
i want to get all shared folders from a network machine.

 for example,
 if i give : "\\admin4"
 The shared folders (subfolders of "\\admin4" ) in the   particulat machine ("\\admin4")
 should be listed :

  the Retrieving machine is not win2000/winnt server
  ( without using NETAPI32 )
help me urgently
Question by:sv_india_nan

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Option Explicit
' Copyright )1996-2002 VBnet, Randy Birch, All Rights Reserved.
' Some pages may also contain other copyrights by the author.
' Distribution: You can freely use this code in your own
'               applications, but you can not publish
'               or reproduce this code on any web site,
'               on any online service, or distribute on
'               any media without express permission.
Private Const ERROR_SUCCESS As Long = 0
Private Const MAX_PATH As Long = 260
Private Const CSIDL_NETWORK As Long = &H12
Private Const BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS As Long = &H1
Private Const BIF_BROWSEFORCOMPUTER As Long = &H1000

   hOwner As Long
   pidlRoot As Long
   pszDisplayName As String
   lpszTitle As String
   ulFlags As Long
   lpfn As Long
   lParam As Long
   iImage As Long
End Type

Private Declare Function SHGetPathFromIDList Lib "shell32" _
   Alias "SHGetPathFromIDListA" _
  (ByVal pidl As Long, _
   ByVal pszPath As String) As Long

Private Declare Function SHBrowseForFolder Lib "shell32" _
   Alias "SHBrowseForFolderA" _
  (lpBrowseInfo As BROWSEINFO) As Long

Private Declare Function SHGetSpecialFolderLocation Lib "shell32"_
  (ByVal hwndOwner As Long, _
   ByVal nFolder As Long, _
   pidl As Long) As Long
Private Declare Sub CoTaskMemFree Lib "ole32" _
   (ByVal pv As Long)  

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   Text1.Text = GetBrowseNetworkWorkstation()

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()

   Text2.Text = GetBrowseNetworkShare()

End Sub

Private Function GetBrowseNetworkShare() As String

  'returns only a valid share on a
  'network server or workstation
   Dim pidl As Long
   Dim sPath As String
   Dim pos As Integer

  'obtain the pidl to the special folder 'network'
   If SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(Me.hWnd, _
                                 CSIDL_NETWORK, _
                                 pidl) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
     'fill in the required members, limiting the
     'Browse to the network by specifying the
     'returned pidl as pidlRoot
      With BI
         .hOwner = Me.hWnd
         .pidlRoot = pidl
         .pszDisplayName = Space$(MAX_PATH)
         .lpszTitle = "Select a network computer or share."
         .ulFlags = BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS
      End With
     'show the browse dialog
      pidl = SHBrowseForFolder(BI)

      If pidl <> 0 Then
        'got a pidl .. but is it valid?
         sPath = Space$(MAX_PATH)

         If SHGetPathFromIDList(ByVal pidl, ByVal sPath) Then
           'valid, so get the share path
            pos = InStr(sPath, Chr$(0))
            GetBrowseNetworkShare = Left$(sPath, pos - 1)
         End if  
         Call CoTaskMemFree(pidl)

        'a server selected...follow same principle
        'as in GetBrowseNetworkWorkstation
         GetBrowseNetworkShare = "\\" & BI.pszDisplayName

      End If  'If pidl
   End If  'If SHGetSpecialFolderLocation

End Function

Private Function GetBrowseNetworkWorkstation() As String

  'returns only a valid network server or
  'workstation (does not display the shares)
   Dim pidl As Long
   Dim sPath As String
   Dim pos As Integer
  'obtain the pidl to the special folder 'network'
   If SHGetSpecialFolderLocation(Me.hWnd, _
                                 CSIDL_NETWORK, _
                                 pidl) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
     'fill in the required members, limiting the
     'Browse to the network by specifying the
     'returned pidl as pidlRoot
      With BI
         .hOwner = Me.hWnd
         .pidlRoot = pidl
         .pszDisplayName = Space$(MAX_PATH)
         .lpszTitle = "Select a network computer."
      End With
     'show the browse dialog. We don't need
     'a pidl, so it can be used in the If..then directly.        
      If SHBrowseForFolder(BI) <> 0 Then
         'a server was selected. Although a valid pidl
         'is returned, SHGetPathFromIDList only return
         'paths to valid file system objects, of which
         'a networked machine is not. However, the
         'BROWSEINFO displayname member does contain
         'the selected item, which we return
          GetBrowseNetworkWorkstation = "\\" & BI.pszDisplayName
      End If  'If SHBrowseForFolder
      Call CoTaskMemFree(pidl)
   End If  'If SHGetSpecialFolderLocation
End Function
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Hi sv_india_nan,
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