How to delete Duplicate Messages in Out Look Express?

Hi Experts,
  I am having a problem.i want to delete the duplcate messages in Outlook Express.

iS it possible.

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JgouldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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JGould-EE Moderator
Here is the answer to a similar question (thanks Traval)

You could write some sort of VBA program to take care of duplicates, but the (kinda convoluted) process
below using Microsoft Excel should work for you and takes just a minute or two (excluding the import/export
time which might take a while if you have a whole lot of data in the folder).

To get rid of your duplicate emails try this:

1.  Go to folder with duplicate email messages
3.  Choose "Comma Seperated Value (Windows)" and save the file to your desktop.
4.  Open the CSV file on your desktop in Microsoft Excel
5.  Highlight all cells containing your data
6.  Choose DATA->FILTER->ADVANCED FILTER and set it to "Filter the list, in-place" and check "Unique
records only", then click OK.
7.  Now choose EDIT->COPY, then open a new Excel worksheet, and choose EDIT->PASTE.
8.  Save the new worksheet as a CSV file and close Excel
9.  Open Outlook, create a new folder (just in case) and go to the new folder.
rest of the wizard with the default options.

Hopefully, you now have a new folder with all of your email but no duplicates.  If so you can replace
the contents of the original folder with the contents of the new folder you created to import into.

As an FYI, if you are thinking about upgrading to Office XP, this process becomes a whole lot easier.
 Just export the folder to a CSV file, then import the CSV file into an empty folder choosing "Do not
import duplicate items" and your duplicates should be gone.

However, I a have found that for some reason the duplicate filter in Outlook 2000 doesn't work for this
type of issue, and that's why I came up with the convoluted process above.  You might try this first
in Outlook 2000, it might work for you like it does on my XP machine, if not the Excel filtering method
should work.
N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
i am using outlook express 5.0. how am i to do it simply with this.
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N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
i am using outlook express 5.0. how am i to do it simply with this.
N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
  I am having nearly 10,000 Emails with attachments.i am using popup server to download the mails(using MS Outlook express).i want to remove the duplicate messages .How can i do it?

I don't see anything there that should not work with OE.  Give it a shot.  As stated, it is a convoluted methid, but it is quite simple.  I have seen others, but they are not for OE and require VBA programming.
N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
Dear slink9,

  Thanks for the answer but please tell me i have to try this with Excel or Outlook.but i am using Outlook express.i am having nearly 4000 mails some are duplicated i want to find the duplicate messages and delete it.
tell me how to do it

Thanks in advance
My method in OE and Outlook is to sort by subject and manually remove them using the delete key and/or shift-click to select multiples.  It isn't worth the trouble to me to integrate additional steps because I don't receive 10,000 messages at a time.  That is how to do it.  Since nobody else has posted here, I am gathering that it can't be done any other way.


I think what you are trying to say is this:  If I was already enough of an expert to be able to execute "some sort of VBA program" using a 10-step procedure through creation of an Excel worksheet "in just a minute or two", AND if I was using the program you discuss, Outlook 2000, instead of the program I actually have, Outlook Express, I probably would not be seeking the assistance I requested in the first place.

If I were you, I might also be wondering 1) why someone who volunteered to help you in the first place would say "it isn't worth the trouble to me" to actually finish helping you; and 2) What kind of expert would conclude that there could not be any solution to a problem other than the convoluted one which he proposed?

N.K., I am currently looking for the same thing that you are and can tell that I have seen before either a script (pre-written) or a freeware program which does precisely what you want it to. In fact, I have already found such a program for the Mac.  I will let you know when I find the one for Windows.

I stated it isn't worth the trouble to me to integrate additional steps other than my manual method to delete dupes.  I have seen multiple methods but all relate to Outlook (not OE).  Maybe something exists but there is nothing for OE that I have been able to find.
Sterlingo you signed up to post comments like that?

50% of the questions in the application TA's are answered in one or two days, most stay open because new users do not kow how to close them so it seems sometimes less then that

but you've to respect someone who's trying to help but can't help create the impossible out of thin air, if it's too much trouble (coding, or otherwise) then there should be no problem when one is stating that freely

with 4 months gone now, it seems it really is more trouble then justified for non-coders

Hello N_K_venkat

this question is open for more then 2 months
time to clean up
if not stated otherwise

my recom will be
-PAQ and refund
-this will be finalized by an EE Moderator
-with no further update (26.10.2002)


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N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
i have nt received any proper answer for my question they how can i delete the question or accept any other answers

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