auto switch between difference SMTP server

I have an Mac Ibook configurated with internet connections at home, in the office and have an IPass account. Unfortunately, all these connection requires difference SMTP server to send mail.
Is it any tools or freeware that can send mail with correct smtp server automatically instead of changing smtp setting manully everytime please?
I am using netscape communicator 4
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tcavConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I neglected to mention that Location Manager is part of the MacOS, so you already have it.
Yes, there is tool that will do just what you're looking for: Location Manager.

You can create a "Location" for each environment that requires a different configuration. In this case, you would create a location for each configuration that requires a different SMPT server, create a "set" in the Internet Control Panel for each location, each with the correct SMTP server, and switch between locations using the Location Manager Control Strip.

You could also just create a seperate "set" in the Internet Control Panel for each configuration, and switch between them in the Internet Control Panel, but you would have to open the Internet Control Panel each time you wanted to Switch; if you use the Location Manager then you can switch using the Control Strip.
percy_kAuthor Commented:
Thx tcav,

I am a Mac rookie and didnt' know that the MacOS has this function buildint already. I will have a try tomorrow when back to the office. Thx for advice.
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Hello percy_k

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percy_kAuthor Commented:
I am sorry that I forgot to response on this question 8P
percy_kAuthor Commented:
I am sorry that I forgot to response at this question.
Yes, tcav's comment solved my problem, thx thx!
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