HP LJ4 won't print euro sign from excel 97 sheet

hi experts,

as in the header i have a problem to force a HP LJ 4 to print the euro sign included in an excel 97 sheet

the os is win98
the ms-eurosupport is applied
the hp-eurosupport is applied

following is tested
-print truetype as graphic is set in the hp-printerdriver
-no problem to print the euro-sign, with any other app
-the excelsheet is correct printed on a HP DJ 980 (euro-sign is printed there)
-same sheet on HP LJ 4->euro-sign isn't printed

any suggestions?

meikl ;-)
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tskelly082598Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1. A possible temporary work-around solution:


2. Search for and download a newer driver for the HP4, in case you haven't already done so.
kretzschmarAuthor Commented:
thanks for your response and help.
using now temporary the workaround

meikl ;-)
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