Single port with 2 IP

I was thinking a stupid question while I am so free. Most of the expert at my location have the same answer, that is "impossible".

My question is, can I connect two computers into the hub using a single port. Using a separater to connect two computers and then connect a separater to the hub using a network twister pair cable.

Can you imaging that?? Can it works?
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Radio shack has an adapter (I will try and draw it for you, hope the formatting here doesn't mess it up)

                    / \
                   /   \
                  PC   PC
cwteohAuthor Commented:
                 |  hub  |
                   /  \
                  /    \
                 /      \
                PC      PC
I don't see why anybody would say "impossible".  They must not understand basic Ethernet functionality very well.  Basically, this device would be acting as a hub of sorts.  However, we normally think of hubs as these devices we have to plug in etc - but that's only because they are "active" (perform signal regeneration) and support features such as auto-negotiation etc.  Hubs are very dumb devices in reality and this little "y" adapter could very easily work.
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cwteohAuthor Commented:
you mean if I have a hub with 8 ports can connect to more than 8 PC without using additional hub?
OK - maybe I'm not fully getting your question.  My assumption is that you want to go buy some type of little "Y" adapter that allows you to plug a couple machines in and plug a third cable in that goes to the hub.  This was my interpretation of what you meant by "seperator".  Now, if you were talking about basically cutting the ends of cables, stripping down the wires and twisting together the bare ends or something, that is a totally different story.

Like I said, someone could easily make a small "Y" adapter that acts as a small non-active hub to give you the functionality you want.  So when you say can you add more than 8 devices without an additional hub, it depends on your definition of hub per se.  That little "y" adapter would in effect be a hub even if you weren't calling it that.
given the current price of small hubs, it would cost more in time and $$ to do anything other than getting another hub and connecting together, using a crossover cable or the proper crossover port.

BlackBox makes a splitter just like what you're looking for.
search for part # FM820
5 ports off one jack for $14.95.
Joel MillerDevOps EngineerCommented:
Remember... CAN and SHOULD mean two different things.

I do think this a valuable tool for any network professional's toolkit though...
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