CSocket and FTP-connect through a proxy

I'm using a CSocket object and call Connect with the Proxy hostname and portnumber as parameters, it works fine, I get the connection to the proxy. The problem is when I want to connect to ftp.sunet.se. How do I after I connect to the proxy, let the socket know that the connection should "point to" to ftp.sunet.se?
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daittConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check with the other ftp clients to see which command can be used (you can try windows commander). Sometimes you need to send "SITE", sometimes you send "OPEN" .. depends on the proxy type
What is your proxy server software ?
it depends on the protocol your proxy is using. It can be socks (4 or 5), ftp proxy or SSL Tunneling.
For example, for ftp proxy which uses USER user@hostname, after connected, you can send a command:
USER remote-user@remote-host.com
There are many types of ftp proxies
joakimfAuthor Commented:
Yes, I'm aware that there are many different proxies, the problem is that when I try to send a command such as USER remote-user@remote-host.com, the response is "unknown command", am I using the command wrong?

joakimfAuthor Commented:
Got it to work, my own fault, forgot to check a string I sent to the server, but it works now when I send anonymous@ftp.sunet.se, I can login. Thanks for your help and comments, the points are yours.

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