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multilingual publishing

I need to make several web sites (currently now in English) available in multiple languages.  These include static HTML but also ASP pages (and a few with javascript in them).  I need them to support non-latin characters, like kanji.

I think we're talking unicode, but I don't know much about it.  Can anyone recommend some good web sites on both what and how to pull this off?  Good books are OK too.  Thanks, all.
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KenAdneyAuthor Commented:
I'll increase the points a bit hoping for more dialogue.  So one method is to get somebody to translate my text, specify the appropriate utf and language in the metatags and input every character to be displayed in the browser as "&071" or whatever it may be (similar to how I input a non-breaking space).

Surely there's a simpler way?  If you look at the yahoo japanese site (http://www.yahoo.co.jp) this doesn't seem to be the way they did it (if you view the source) and I know this site can search on either kanji or english key words.
Somewhere, somebody HAS to translate your text. There are machine translators, but unless you're dealing with very small, very simple, amounts of text, they leave a LOT to be desired.

If you don't have the right language pack, the Yahoo Japan site is completely unusable, and I'd just about guarantee you that it's NOT just a Japanese version of the English page. It's very specific to the region/area. Even the US/UK ones are different, and they're the same language.

There is NO WAY around the translation. Not unless you want the various versions to just be a joke.

Now, you CAN use a master page with graphics/text options for other languages, and use a basic format with varying includes and metatags to select what text and elements to generate customized pages for specific regions/languages.

Check the FIFA site (www.fifa.com), they do a nice job of offering various languages.
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KenAdneyAuthor Commented:
Oh, I agree that there's no way around the initial translation.  It's obvious, even to me, that an english word written in kanji characters doesn't make sense. That's not a problem for me.
The question is whether there's an easier way to code it than typing in "&071" to represent each character.  And I'm wondering how the form can accept and utilize information when it's input in a language different than the character set specified in the metatag (i.e. how does Yahoo Japan search on an english language phrase).

I'll check out the FIFA site.....
Unicode should do it... you use a language metatag (I think) to set what language to use. That could be written dynamically, once you have the pieces set up.

I know this has come up before, try doing a search of the PAQs and see what you find.
It's not closed out, but there's some good info here..
This question has been abandoned. I will make a recommendation to the
moderators on its resolution in a week or two. I appreciate any comments
that would help me to make a recommendation.
   In the absence of responses, I may recommend DELETE unless it is clear
   to me that it has value as a PAQ.  Silence = you don't care

KenAdneyAuthor Commented:
I've kept hoping someone else might add some useful information.  Let me review what's here & I'll close it out in a day or so.
KenAdneyAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get to...
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