Insufficient files provided by DOS

Hi friends,
i installed win xp, on command prompt i am running tally 4.5 software it showing error

[ insufficient files provided by dos ]

i also changed config.nt  file for files=80 and buffer=80
still problem is there.

Guide in this

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQ'd and points removed

No solution and no reply after last comment of CrazyOne.


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If you alresdy are not doing so you may need to run this program using instead of CMD.exe

Try this

Start > Run

and then run the program from there and see what happens.

The Crazy One
Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based Programs in Windows;en-us;Q314106
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LOL Beat me to it Spence. Morning!
Morning Steve. I was wondering where you were because I saw your post in the duplicate question. I guess you stepped out for a cup of copy and I slipped in through the backdoor. LOL
Geesh I said "cup of copy" holy moly my fingers are dysfunctional this morning. I meant cop of coffee. LOL
walipsAuthor Commented:
I tried my ms-dos based tally 4.5 programme using, but same thing is happened.
Ok and you looked into this as well.
Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based Programs in Windows;en-us;Q314106 

If so then this may be a case where the program may not work under XP. It may need a true DOS enviroment rather then an emulated one that XP uses. How old is this program? Does the vendor possibly have an upgrade for the program that will run under XP?
This is from that link. Some of this may not have any meaning to you but if you notice even one of these as being true about this program then the program won't work on XP. Also in that link there are a lot of steps to walk through to troubleshoot DOS program problems. So you may need to take some time and be patient in running through these steps.

The following functions do not work in Windows XP:
All MS-DOS functions except task-switching API (application programming interface) functions are supported.

Block mode device drivers are not supported. Block devices are not supported, so MS-DOS I/O control (IOCTL) APIs that deal with block devices and SETDPB functions are not supported.

Interrupt 10 function 1A returns 0; all other functions are passed to read-only memory (ROM).

Interrupt 13 calls that deal with prohibited disk access are not supported.

Interrupt 18 (ROM BASIC) generates a message that says that ROM BASIC is not supported.

Interrupt 19 does not restart the computer, but cleanly closes the current virtual DOS machine (VDM).

Interrupt 2F, which deals with the DOSKEY program callouts (AX = 4800), is not supported.

Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) functions 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, E, and F are not supported.

The 16-bit Windows subsystem on an x86 computer supports enhanced mode programs; it does not, however, support 16-bit virtual device drivers (VxDs). The subsystem on a non-x86 computer emulates the Intel 40486 instruction set, which lets the computer run Enhanced-mode programs, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, on reduced instruction set computers (RISC).

This means that Windows does not support 16-bit programs that require unrestricted access to hardware. If your program requires this, your program will not work in Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
walipsAuthor Commented:
CrazyOne your are right, that program is not working Windows NT, Windows 2000 also, then after it is problem with 16bit to 64 bit compatability.
Just check once again.
Umm I am a little confused about your last comment. Apparently you have tested this program on NT and Win2000 and found it didn't work on these OS's either. What I am not understanding is what you mean by "Just check once again" :>)
Asta CuCommented:
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This is the Community Support link:

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This may interest you, if not already done, follows.

Windows XP Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available using WindowsUpdate recently (huge), more information and links about there here, if you're not already aware.

CD Options here:
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 Installation and Deployment Guide 

Windows XP Service Pack 1 information
Internet Explorer 6 Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available from WindowsUpdate yesterday and highly recommended to fix significant problems.  You may wish to check WindowsUpdate directly.  Some more insights about these updates here: 
The following link shows you the list of fixes included in IE 6 SP1

If more is needed, please let us know.
Good luck,
":0) Asta
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