VB6.EXE - Application Error

Posted on 2002-06-22
Last Modified: 2007-11-27
Being an old curmudgeon, I'm used to saying "None of this didn't used to be here."  Well, this didn't used to happen.

Whenever I exit VB6, whether immediately after opening it or after working in it for a while, I get:

VB6.EXE - Application Error
The instruction at "0x0049b48e" referenced memory at "0x608af85c". The memory could not be "read".

I can live with it, but it's rather irritating not having the current project show up in the 'recent' list.

I've visited Uncle Bill and others, applied his patches and followed their advice, all to no avail.

Unfortunately, I use VB so infrequently and have installed far too many things since the last successful use, I have absolutely no idea what may have caused this.

VS6 Enterprise
VB6.0 (SP5)
Version 8988   VBA: Retail 6.0.8964   Forms3: 2.01

I'd really like to find a fix other than re-installing VS - it's such a pain re-configuring editor, syntax coloring, and directory preferences for both VB and VC, but if I gotta, I gotta.

Question by:cookre
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 7100675
Try removing add-ins that are loading in the IDE. You might find one that's being a bit tempermental.

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Author Comment

ID: 7100845
Sure enough - Source Code Control

Life is good again.

Expert Comment

ID: 7393379
Message from cookre:

The accepted answer is correct, it is the source code control that is causing the problem. If you remove this from the VB add-in then the error message stops. This is because the Visual SourceSafe is stopped from loading integratedly with VB.

I found that this was because the VSS folder was missing from the C:\Program Files\Micro Studio\Common\. I located it and copied it to this directory - then went back into VB and hey presto.
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Author Comment

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At first I thought, "Boy, is EE floogledoogled, what with posting the above 4 months after the fact."

Then I got real confused when I didn't recall posting it.

Hamsumever, I regained my usual excessive self-assuredness with the observation that my lips have never uttered, nor have my fingers ever created the character sequence i-n-t-e-g-r-a-t-e-d-l-y.

I am thus able to thank CT for the ultimate cause.

Alas, now that MS.VS.NET.1.7Gb.JUST.FOR.A.COMPILER is currently both the bee's knees and the cat's meow (not to mention said worthy's pajamas), one wonders when the time will be found to re-vitalize the VB6.A.MERE.32meg environment.

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ID: 7436373
to ComTech,

Would you teach me how to remove the source code control from the VB add-in?  Becasue I got the same problem now.

Thanks a lot
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Author Comment

ID: 7436567
From VB6's menu bar, select Add-Ins, then Add-In Manager...

Removing Source Code Control was what fixed me up on the above mentioned box.

ComTech's elucidation indicated that was just the proximate cause and that the ultimate cause was the lack of directory 'Microsoft Visual SourceSafe' from the 'Common' directory under 'Microsoft Visual Studio'.

A far from protracted search located said wayward directory hiding in plain sight in the parent MSVS directory.  

It succumbed to a deft drag and drop without so much as a wimper.

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ID: 7436583
to cookre,

I have just tried, but cannot fix it.  

I removed all the pre-loaded add-in in the add-in manage,r but still cannot fix.

I also see there is a directory called "VSS" under the Common directory under "Microsoft Visual Studio".  but still not ok.

But symtom is when I double click the button or other object, the error message box
"The instruction at "0x0049b48e" referenced memory at "0x608af85c". The memory could not be "read".

Click OK to terminal the program
Click CANCEL to debug the program

After that, the visual basic tools crash.

My configuration is VS6 Enterprise
                     Window 2000  Pro.

Do you think what the problem is?


Expert Comment

ID: 8662700

I've had the exact same problem, but it occurs precicely when I Run the project, VB asks me if I want to save the project, I say  yes, the project saves, then I get that crash message.  It happens only when I do that.  Thankfully, the crash occurs AFTER it saves my project, but it's still very annoying.  I don't have Source Control in my add-ins.  Anyone know what could be the problem?

Expert Comment

ID: 8665733
It's generally best to start a new question, but here is MS KB article that might address your issue:;en-us;214427

I would recommend upgrading to the latest SP if you haven't already done so:


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