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Posted on 2002-06-22
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I recently got GTA3 and was dissapointed to find out that it will not work.  I installed the program and when I go to run it, it says, "Grand Theft Auto III requires at least 12mb of available video memory".  I am confused because I looked at the requirements to run the game, and  my computer is more than good enough.  I also have a 32 mb video card.
My video card is a
it's memory size is 16 mb and the version is 2.05.1303
- it's a bottleneck, but nontheless GTA3 should still work...
Perhaps I need to update my drivers, and I also have the version of  Direct X that the game requires.
Where can I update my drivers, and is there any other solution to this problem?
Something I forgot was...
im runing a P4, 1.5 gigs, 256mb ram, and my operating system is XP
Question by:serb_4_life
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This site has the latest drivers for TNT and Geforce based cards.  Download the Detonator XP drivers.

Try that first.  When you say the game "Will not work"

what does that mean?  does it load at all?  Install?  black screen?  no screen...Attempts to load then kicks back you get anywhere?  menus?  Introductions?  etc ...try to be specific!  Thanks!

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like i said, i installed the game, and nothing pops up except a window saying "Grand Theft Auto III requires at least 12mb of available video memory"
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Ok,  So you said you had a 32 mb video card.  Have you tried that?  Or do you just have one.  And did you try the latest drivers that I linked for you above?
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ID: 7102696
i installed the new drivers about two weeks ago
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ok, did you try your 32mb card?  and do you get the same results?

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ID: 7106508
yes, thats the only video card that i have...
the same thing happend.....
i think its got something to do with XP
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Accepted Solution

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Probably so.  Try repairing the installation of XP.  Also make sure that you are not experiencing any problems with drivers.  I would delete the current Display drivers and reinstall and see if that does not fix it.  Especially if you are flip flopping your 16 mb vid card and 32mb vid card.  It really sounds like it is a driver issue.  but could very well be winxp as well...


Assisted Solution

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ID: 7239165
Here's an excerpt from the readme file included on the gta3 cd..

Windows XP + nVIDIA based cards (possibly other brands):
We have found a possible problem with Windows XP that manifests itself
as graphical problems both in the game menu and also during game play.
We have traced this problem to be a Windows XP problem.
Technically this problem is solved by the use of a newer version of
d3d8.dll than is shipped on CD with Windows XP. (The version on the
Windows XP CD that has problems is 5.1.26000.0 – versions tested
without error include 5.1.2600.15 and 5.1.2600.29)
Currently the only way we know to update this dll file is to install
the Windows XP Patch: “The Computer Cannot Enter Standby or Hibernate
If a Direct3D-Based Screen Saver Is Running (Q306676)” downloadable
from the following Web Site:
This update may in the future be available as part of an official
Windows XP Service Pack, a Windows XP Compatibility Update, or possibly
a DirectX 8.1 update.

I know your vid card isn't an nvidia but it's worth a try.. back up that dll on your system first..

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ID: 7317716
The message is "Needs 12MB AVAILABLE memory" is there anything running that might be taking up some of the available memory? Is the 16 MB card an onboard card that can be adjusted in the system BIOS? If so it might not be set for 16 but 8. Be sure your display properties list the correct MB for your currently installed video card.
Also be sure you have all the current updates from Microsoft 

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Here is the only thing I could find on it.  Seems to have worked for others so it might for you.

Technical Issue for Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC)
I'm getting the "12mb Video Error" and my system has a video card that meets/exceeds the video requirements. I've tried everything on your checklist.

Check to see if Net Meeting is running on your system. If so, turn it off (select Stop). This program will use video and sound resources that the game needs, keeping it from starting up correctly.

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