DNS and Child domain name resolution

I have a parent and child domain. My questions is  - is it normal for servers in the child domain to have a name in both the parent and child domain?

This means if I ping servername.domain.com and servername.child.domain.com (where servername is the unique name for a server in the child domain) I get the same IP address. Appears the name of any computer in the child domain also exists in the parent domain - is this correct? If not how to fix?
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RoninConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is ok.
This happening because the server is exists in both DNS zones.This is normal.
If you want to know what the server real IP.
Type in the command promt :nslookup
and then type the IP of the server in question.
The nslookup command will go to your default DNS server and will ask on which server the reverse lookup zone for your IP is located.This be home domain of the server in question.
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