How to change VC++ Default Console Project?

I often make small Win32 Console Projects, for test purposes.
I want to change the way VC++ creates the Hello World! application.

How can I change it so that when the project is created, it has addtional #include's, and a getch() function call before {return 0}?
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well CuriousGeorge916,
That is really a less than optimal attitude since it is very easy to define a custom appwizard (I just did one in under 30 seconds.  In fact I did two in under 10 seconds).  And it does EXACTLY what you say you want to do.

HOWEVER, there is a kludgy way to hack the standard Console AppWizard.
1) In the IDE, Select File/Open
2) Navigate to
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin

3) Click the file named CONWZ.AWX
4) At the bottom of the dialog, select Open As: 'Binary'
5) click OK.  It opens in a hex editor.

Now Press Ctrl+F and type this in:

    Defines the entry point for the console application

It will highlight the start of the text that is included in the Xxxx.cpp file.  You can start hacking away.  But you will notice that the AWX file contains not just plain text, but special commands like
becasue this template is used for all of the various types of console apps that it generates.

I'm sure that you will be able to puzzle out what can and cannot be modified safely.  And I know that you will remember to backup the original file before you begin hacking.  I have great respect for you as a programmer and a person.

-- Dan
What do you mean by the "Hello World!" application?
In the MSDN help files is a topic "Creating Custom AppWizards" that is likely what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, numerous attempts to get to is failing, so I can't provide you with a link to the online MSDN library entry yet. :(

Anyway, here's some information on the page:

Creating Custom AppWizards
Home |  Overviews |  How Do I |  Details | Sample

Feature Only in Professional and Enterprise Editions   Creating a Custom AppWizard is supported only in Visual C++ Professional and Enterprise Editions. For more information, seeVisual C++ Editions.

Using the standard MFC AppWizard as a reference, you can create Custom AppWizards that will create programs appropriate for your work environment. The topics listed below describe what custom AppWizards are, when they are useful, and how you create them.

From here, you get a link to more information, one of which is "Understanding Custom AppWizards" where there is a paragraph:

Possibilities for custom AppWizards:

Create a custom AppWizard that is based on the code and resources in an existing project.

Modify code in the standard MFC AppWizard templates.

Add one or more steps to the standard MFC AppWizard’s steps.

Create a custom set of steps.

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CuriousGeorge916Author Commented:
>>What do you mean by the "Hello World!" application?
I'm talking about the application that is created when you create a Win32 Console Application via VC++ 6.0.
CuriousGeorge916Author Commented:
>>In the MSDN help files is a topic "Creating Custom
>>AppWizards" that is likely what you are looking for.

Thanks Crius, but that's not what I'm looking for.
Hmm, then I am not understanding your question. It is stated right in the documentation I pulled out (and displayed above):

*Possibilities for custom AppWizards: *

Create a custom AppWizard that is based on the code and resources in an existing project.

*Modify code in the standard MFC AppWizard templates.*

and Hello World! is a standard MFC AppWizard template, no?
You cannot change what you get when you aske for a 'Hello World' application from the AppWizard.  But you CAAN create your own Custom AppWizard that will do what you want.  It is actually quite easy... you make a project just the way you want it, then you tell the CustomAppWizard Wizard to use that as a template.  

WHen you are finished, your new Wizard will be listed right ther wher it says MFC Appwizard (Exe) and Win32 Concole App, etc.

It is covered in great detail in MDSN or you can also look at it on the Internet -- a useful place to find information!  See:

-- Dan
In my above post, I forgot to add..

     "Just as Crius has said"

So I am posting this additional comment to atone for that mistake!

-- Dan
CuriousGeorge916Author Commented:
I'm sorry, but I'm not looking for an AppWizard method.

>>You cannot change what you get when you aske for >>a 'Hello World' application from the AppWizard.
I'm sure there has to be some back door method.
CuriousGeorge916Author Commented:
Ok Dan,
That's the information that I was looking for.

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