newbie to C++ on Linux - IDE

Hi. Summer finally back, a good opportunity to start once again learning C++. This time though, it will be under Linux ! :)
So my question is, or actually my problem is that I want to start learning C++ but for programming apps with graphical interface, not only shell executed applications.
Now many will say that Emacs will do but it will make my learning more difficult (well that's what I think) and vacations don't last forever so that will be for later on.
I've seen some good comments on KDevelop I checked out myself a year ago, but didn't understand anything, which is normal I didn't tried. ;)

So now do you have some other propositions ? Actually I want an IDE that will make my life much easier, too easy some will say.

So what is your opinion on that matter ? Oh if you could please give me some links so I could check it out myself too, and one important thing, if the package was included in some distro it would be very nice, my 56kbps modem couldn't handle a huge package for download. ;) (oh and intended to get Suse 8.0).

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!


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Check the new version of KDevelop (2.1.1) which is a part of KDE 3.0.1.
I think that the RedHat 7.3 includes it, but you better double check it.
May be you should try to spend an hour on reading a manual, so later you can enjoy the kdevelop.

hope it will help.
aCpAuthor Commented:
Thanks MaxMaxic. You're right I should spent some time on learning the IDE, and I will. The manual will be included in an HTML form or somewhat with the package right ? Well anyway if it is not, I could get it from their site so it's ok.

Any other suggestions from other experts ?

Thanks in advance

KDevelop is very good as, and free.  ther are several commercial IDE for linux if you want to pay $$$ which I doubt.  My issue is, and this is strictly a suggestion, you should learn C++ first, and then start dappling and creating windows and stuff.   There are may gui, graphical user interface, builders under linux and unix, and within a day or two anyone can build a nice looking gui.  the problem is designing and implementing the backend.  
good luck.

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You can use Glade, it comes with RedHat 7.2 , this is sure. It generates source files for your graphical application. I'm using it under gnome, but i have an older system. You should try it ...
aCpAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts, sorry for the empty these last days, had much to do. Anyway, today I'm going to get (FINALLY!) my copy of linux, and decided to get the suse distro, it's actually the only one (from the "big" distributions) I haven't yet tried. Anyway, I believe though that the IDE you all mentionned are in the package since I decided to make another change too, get the professionnal edition.

Anyway much said for nothing right ? ;)
I'll check all your propositions and will come back to close this question maybe.

Thanks for your help and I'll see yah all soon!

P.S: Any comments are wellcomed too.

aCpAuthor Commented:
P.S2: garboua your comment is pretty much helpful, I wonder why I didn't thought of it before. I'll then start learning using a quite simple editor (somehow like notepad in windows) and the turn to all the facilities that an IDE gives.

Thanks a lot

Another very nice IDE:

For quick-and-dirty stuff when just need a good source code editor,
rather than a full-fledged IDE, Nedit is a good choice.
It is as easy to use as windows notepad, has syntax highlighting for a
bunch of different languages, and LOTS of other programming features.
Check it out at:
You know there are plenty free IDE, don't limit yourself to kdevelop.  I read in linuxjournal, two editions about Xemacs and how easy it is to turn it to an IDE!!!!
there is qt designer, glade, nedit, there is DEV++ from sourceforge.   I don't think there is a great difference between the many linux distributions, so SuSe is not a bad choice.
PS. If you don't know about sourceforge, You need to visit the web site.  it is pretty much the birth place for all open source foundation software
From clustering software, MPEG decoders, to IDE, to codeWalk through sharing software.

Visit the linux documentation project and browse the how-to s.  the are many how-tos and mini how-tos. you can learn anything from using "vi" gpad, gedit, nmap, to setting up a proxy server.
Good luk
aCpAuthor Commented:
Well, nothing much to say except thanks again garboua. For the moment I limited myself to just installing linux which took my FOUR PLENTY days, even Redhat 6.0 was easier for me (actually it was somehow predictable that it would take long, used some special hardware). Anyway thanks to the this (quite frankly) amazing linux community I made it out (how-to's, etc.).

I hope soon being able to launch again back in linux using instead of linux installing!

Thanks a lot!!!

aCpAuthor Commented:
Oups sorry, forgot to finally close the question!
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