Can not load exchange 5.5 setup on a Win95 machine (Laptop)

We are trying to load Exchange 5.5 on a laptop running windows 95 4.00.950B.  It keeps telling us ..."Setup can not run with this version of Windows"...

Any ideas?

Ok, my bad.  I'm trying to get the CLIENT exchange program loaded onto a laptop.  Is that better?  It's the same version we've loaded onto hundreds of 95 and 98 clients.
Thanks for letting me clarify this.
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slang9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to the Run command, and rin mkcompat
There you can choose to lie about the Windows version and lie about other details that may get it to install
Exchange requires NT or 2000 Server
What are you trying to accomplish?
Err... Exchange is a SERVER based product, as slang9 stated, you have to either run it on NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.
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mhfincAuthor Commented:
Re-read the question, thanks
I think the client is not on the Exchange Server CD. You'll need that specific CD. Alternatively, try installing Windows Messaging from the control panel.
Also, Outlook works well, and a copy of 97 or 98 might be inexpensive.
You are right slang9, the client CD (Outlook) comes in the same cardboard box as the Exchange CD but in a seperate jewel case. You don't have to pay for it since you've already paid for it through the Exchange CAL.
Do you mean the 'Microsoft Exchange Administrator'? If so
make sure only Microsfot Exchange Administrator is ticked in the setup. And not Microsoft Exchange Server or Books Online or Active Server Components.

If not just copy the c:\Exchsrvr directory over from a laptop that works.

Is it preventing you from finishing with the installation??
I know you will get that same error when installing Exchange 5.5 on windows 2000, only because when Exchange 5.5 came out, it had no idea of win2k, so you are always able to safely ignore it......
mhfincAuthor Commented:
OK.  One more time.  I made a mistake and said Exchange 5.5.  I'm using the Exchange Client Pack CD and it won't load on this win95 laptop.  Ever heard of it not loading on a client??
mhfincAuthor Commented:
thanks.  It worked
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