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Using OS X and Samba to make a file server for windows

I am trying to use Samba to be a file server (and eventual domain controller) for my Windows network.

I tried to set it up according to these instructions, but no luck.

When I do ps -ae or look at processes, it does not seem to be running.  Is there any debugging I can do.

OR, if you know of a better file-sharing, domain controller solutions for Win XP, Win 2000 machines, please let me know.


1 Solution
Hard to say what went wrong but i know people have done it via those instructions. Sure you didnt skip a step somewhere or maybe have an incomplete system install?
mraibleAuthor Commented:
Ok, I guess I'll delete my install and start over - just removing the samba directory and directory/files in StartupItems should do it right?

The wierd thing is I can connect to my XP boxes just fine, but that's built in to OSX, so maybe it's not that wierd.
You could try removing those items but i wouldnt count on that to completely get rid of it. If its an older install you may have deleted some items/tinkered/etc...maybe? I know it sounds like a pain but doing a clean install for a server you expect to be up and running for a long time is a good idea. Then youre starting fresh, know what you have installed and know that if something goes wrong its not because of an incomplete system.
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mraibleAuthor Commented:
Actually, I'm just testing Samba on OS X in hopes of eventually using it on a Red Hat box.  I plan on using the RH box to replace my Windows 2000 Advanced Server - it's too slow.

I'm a windows expert and a os x rookie, so I'd hate to go to this extreme to get it right.  If it doesn't work, I can always ftp ;)
FTP is probably faster anyway.
mraibleAuthor Commented:
I got rid of my samba installation and tried it again - no luck.

I think the key ended up being adding a HOSTNAME=myhostname to the /etc/hostconfig file.  This seemed to make everything work after I added this.

However, I also used Samba X (specialized install for OS X) and it makes it much easier to configure and setup.

Thanks for the help, but looks like I solved it on my own.


10.2 (Jaguar) is supposed to have much better support for Samba.. Just wanted to give my 2 cents..


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