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I am using XP and am trying to telnet to a Xyplex terminal. I have tried using both Smarterm and XP native telnet. When I try to connect to it the Xyplex falls off the network for about 2 minutes. My connection never get through. Connecting to it from a 2000 or NT box has no problems. Has anyone come across this before or are there any known problems with telnet in XP?


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This seems to suggest a protocol problem rather than a telnet problem.
It could be a MTU problem, try pinging both boxes with the following command:
Ping -f -l 1474 HOST
this should return "Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set".
change the -l to 1472 and both should be able to coimmunicate with each other, if they can't you need to change the MTU's to match.

MacrosAuthor Commented:
When I try to do that I get no response at all. I can ping it normally alright.
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MacrosAuthor Commented:
There was only 1 response and it didn't help. It seems to be an XP issue but I can't find an answer. I'll close this question if you like?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
No rush, thanks for confirming that the need still exists.  Hopefully this information will prove helpful to you.  Is WindowsUpdate current with patches/fixes?  Here are some links as well to help.;en-us;Q314095

MS01-051: Patch Available for Telnet Logging Vulnerability (Q286043);en-us;Q286043
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Without knowing more specifics about your environment, this general link from the Microsoft Knowledge Base query may prove hepful.

Off to work, good luck.
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MacrosAuthor Commented:
I'd done a similar search on technet and got the same results. Unfortunately none of them relate to the problem I'm having.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
It will be disconnected in 2 minutes.;en-us;Q294761

This behavior may occur because you have exceeded a session timeout limit.

In this scenario, the administrator of the server that is running Terminal Services may have set a timeout value on idle sessions. You may have been logged on to the computer previously, and then let the session go past the idle timeout limit, at which time you received the following warning two minutes prior to disconnection:

Remote Desktop Disconnected

The remote session was ended because the idle timeout limit was reached. This limit is set my the server administrator or by network policies.
When you reconnect, you are in the same session and the warning that you received for disconnection is still present in the session.
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Hopefully you've already been helped by these great experts, but thought this to be of value, if you've not already checked WindowsUpdate.

WindowsUpdate just delivered IE 6 Service Patch 1 which also includes fixes to Outlook Express;en-us;Q326489
The following link shows you the list of fixes included in IE 6 SP1

WindowsUpdate just delivered Windows XP Service Patch 1
This shows you the items/problems fixed in this release.;en-us;Q324722

":0) Asta
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This may interest you, if not already done, follows.

Windows XP Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available using WindowsUpdate recently (huge), more information and links about there here, if you're not already aware.

CD Options here:
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 Installation and Deployment Guide 

Windows XP Service Pack 1 information
Internet Explorer 6 Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available from WindowsUpdate yesterday and highly recommended to fix significant problems.  You may wish to check WindowsUpdate directly.  Some more insights about these updates here: 
The following link shows you the list of fixes included in IE 6 SP1

If more is needed, please let us know.
Good luck,
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