Windows 2000/Linux 7.3 simultaneous booting

Is there any way to boot both W2k and Linux 7.3 simultaneously on the same machine and have access to both?  
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not without some special software.  Something like VMWare ( will help you run both W2K and Linux simultaneously.

Check it out.  It's a great product and I use it all the time for testing.  If you have a decent machine with lots of RAM you can run multiple OS's at once.
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
nickSURVICEAuthor Commented:
This only allows one system at a time to operate, I already have this working properly.  I want both up at the same time.
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No, there is not. Bot processors, memory, video card can not be controlled simultaneously from two operating systems.

A blade server would be one of your only possiblities... That would probably be a bit pricey for your situation..
>>>A blade server would be one of your only possiblities

Hmmm, this is along the same lines as "never say never".  There are OTHER possibilities and I've noted a 100% software solution.
nickSURVICEAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!!!
Very nice! And MUCH cheaper than I expected a package like that to be! Good info jhance!
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