No dhcp on sparcstation.


I did a new install on my sparcstation 5 of Solaris 8. Now the network card does not seem to be working anymore. On my hub I can see that the link is not active and also when sun os starts up it can not find an active link. I checked the cable. When I do watch-tpe in sun os It succeeds to find the internal and external loopback tests. What am I doing wrong?
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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think we should fingure out if you hardware is working first.

please do the followings:
1. at you sparc station, type in:
grep -i  Ethernet /var/adm/message*
  if not output, then your OS cannot see the NIC, you have
a hardware problem.

2. test the cable and the port you are using to see if it
   work. (you can simply use a laptop/pc to try them out)
3. If all the above seems ok them, use sys-unconfig
   to reconfig the sparc box as stand alone (no domain, use
   static IP, to see if it work on your network)

4. Have a look at the following books:

   I think the following one is easy to read, have a look  
   at DHCP client setup and troubleshooting setions in this  book.

where do you get the IP from? DHCP or is it static?
bencherAuthor Commented:
From DHCP. My dsl modem is setup as the DHCP server.
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not shure if it works for Solaris 8 too:

touch /etc/.UNCONFIGURED; init 6
bencherAuthor Commented:
Sadly, that did not solve it
shultdown your system, at ok prompt, type in:
boot -rv <enter>

If it doesn't work, please post your /var/adm/messages
(cut the file, just need to see the messages from the last
yuzh, are you with my sugestion about /etc/.UNCONFIGURED ?
I think he should, remove /etc/.UNCONFIGURED file, and then
reboot the system.

dhcp client doesn't like the file.
bencherAuthor Commented:
Ok, there are about a 100 messages from the last boot. I can`t copy and paste it because I have no connection with the internet on the sparc at the moment.

maybe these are relevant:

- le0: no carrier cable is disconnected or hub link test is disabled.
-../sbin/dhcpagent.... configure_if: no ip_broadcast specified for Le0, making best guess.
> le0: no carrier cable is disconnected or hub link test is disabled.

That says it all.
If the system detects no carrier, it tries to avoid to use any network, for obvious reason :-)
bencherAuthor Commented:
When I do arp -a
is says
le0: mask etc
le0: etc.

Then I ping it says it is alive.

Then when I do arp -a again
it also says
le0: (that is the adress of the ADSL Modem/dhcp server)

No carrier (sorry, I am Dutch) means ?
bencherAuthor Commented:
It also finds with arp -a , that`s my other pc.
bencherAuthor Commented:
I did a sys-unconfigure and also specified dns( received an error - could not find domain name or something)
arp -a now shows

le0  SpeedTouch.lan        00:etc mac
le0  unknown    SP  08:etc mac
le0  SM  01: etc

na een ping naar mijn pc staat er ook in.

le0  linux.lan          00:etc
bencherAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Still get that no carrier error I believe. I will reboot later or read that dhcp part. Internet does work if I disconnect from the pix firewall and do the sys-unconfig with the Sparc and the adsl modem to a hub. When I reconnect it to the pix firewall internet still works. If I do a sys-unconfig connect with sparc connected to the pix It gets an Ip address in 192.168.x.x range instead of the 10.0.0.X range.
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