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Good Morning,

In a form I created a button to send mail to different users.  In the past, I would just include the ([IncludeDocLink]) but now I don't want the users to get a link but I want them to get a copy of the document in the body of the memo.  Since the form is not so large the image will fit perfectly.  I know there are mailing options for this but can't figure where to put the B, E, M, T.

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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I meant to use the fields like SendTO, Subject, and Sign fields to facilitate the store form in document.

By setting this fields on the document, you should use @Command([MailSend]) to send the form and document to the user.

Use the Form property "Store Form in document" and then mail the form with relevant SendTo and other mailing options field.


SamirKumarAuthor Commented:

I am looking for the entire @mailsend function.
I was aware of the "Store Form in document" but I don't know the mailing option field.

Here is my line:

MailSend(SendTo;@UserName;"";"Business Objects Access";"kljljk";"";"1")
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Hello Samir,

important to know is that the attachments are stored in RichText fields. And RichText fields are rendered only if saved to disk. That mean, when you get a mail with attachments, then you can forward it without problems (and without storing the form in document). But when sending a new mail with attachments you have to save the document to database before using @MailSend.


SamirKumarAuthor Commented:

I added a save statement before and whenever I use this button the document was already created and save.

I did use Hemanthas' suggestion and it did work.  There is one problem any field that uses a keyword view does not appear.  I have two fields that are radio buttons and the options are generated with a key and keyword in a view.

You guys problem use that too.

Why don't they appear?

SamirKumarAuthor Commented:
Does not appear in the email
Perhaps because it was only ComputedForDispla and not ComputedWhenComposed

And also you will not succeed in having all options for Radio buttons transferred to new location. You can store only the selected radio button value. All other radio button options was only shown to make a choice but not stored in document when formula was used to produce them.

To circumvent this limitation you have to do it in two steps:
1.) One hidden ComputedWhenComposed field lookups and stores the Radio button options.
2.) Radio button formula has only the name of the hidden field to fetch its multiple values.

Change the way it looksup the view, Use dblookup with server and database path parameters properly.

Remember, when you mail the form you are not mailing the dependencies (like subforms or views or shared fields..). So you make sure your form works when cut and pasted in some other database.

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