After replacing a power supply, I'm getting the following message after turning on the computer and after the introduction that gives the basic info on computer, but before boot up:


After inserting the start up disk in drive A  &/or  Drive D (CD ROM) and pressing enter nothing happens.

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gregoreeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the error results from the machine not being able to find the operating system this can happen like JLAUSTER said because of a bad connection. this error describes either a loose connection or that the drive has no bootable active partition.
this web page describes boot time error messages and possible solutions http://www.pcguide.com/ts/x/sys/booterr-i.htm
If you have another system you could swap the drive to this would help in determining the problem (ie. something may have been damaged when changing the psu)
I hope this helps
Sounds like you may have disturbed one of the cables to your hard drive. If you removed the ribbon cable to the drive, make sure that pin 1 on the drive is connected to pin 1 of the motherboard. The cable has a colored tracer on one edge that should be placed on pin 1 of each.

Make sure that both the ribbon and power cables are connected securely to the drive.

Was the P/S the only change made to the system, or was other hardware added/changed?
wcguerraAuthor Commented:
My computer ribbon cables can only fit securely
in their pin connector slots "one way"; so there is really
no way they can be fitted nor connected incorrectly.

This applies to both the drive & motherboard connectors.

The P/S was the only change!

Thanks,  jlauster - any other suggestions?  
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Is the hard drive spinning up? If not, check once more to be sure that the power connector is all the way on the drive. Sometimes these 4 pin connectors feel like they are on, but need to be inserted a bit more to make connection.
wcguerraAuthor Commented:
Although gregoree's answer was not the solution, referring me to the pcguide web site resulted in the final solution, in an indirect path, through trial and error.
wcguerra I am glad to hear that your problem is solved if you wouldnt mind could you describe what you did to fix the problem. It could be helpful if I ever run into a similar situation again.

Thanks for the points the truth is that I was getting ready to give up on this board I had proposed answers for other problems and would go to read comments made by other experts who attempt to reword what has been said in previous posts and flame other experts here is an example
this is one possible solution I offered to someone who was having display problems

you can try updating the drivers for your graphics card and monitor It may help but I doubt it refresh rate always decreases when you increase the screen area. There are red green and blue electron guns in the monitor when you increase the screen area these guns have to make more movements to refresh the screen each scan of the screen takes more time with a larger screen area enabled.
the recommended settings for a 17" monitor are 1024x768.
I hope this helps

here is another experts response

If XP doesn't hold your monitor driver you can get it here:

Click on manuals/drivers at the top of the page.

BTW gregoree, how does increasing the resolution increase the physical size of the monitor?!! ;-)
as you can see all he did was suggested drivers again and then flamed me because he failed to understand my response.
that was at least the 3rd time this had happened and I had just joined the site recently.

I have recently decided to make a career change and thought if I become certified in some computer related fields maybe it will help land a new job I have passed my comptia a+ certification and I am about two weeks away from taking and passing my network+ certification (confidence is essential) so I thought this board would be a way to see some common problems etc. and possibly help some ppl out.
well I am not going to keep going on this subject suffice it to say that I am glad I was able to help and thanks again for the points
wcguerraAuthor Commented:
To summarize, here's what I did to fix the problem.
 pcguide.com - guided me through the steps to recognize that "boot up" was not seeing my hard drive & the necessary procedures and steps to follow along with what to look for to accomplish this.
 As the various procedures took place over a period of 7 days with a lot of stopping and starting (I actually went out of town for 3 1/2 days), I can't really tell you that there was one (1) problem. Actually there was probably a mulitiple of problems with no one (1) solution!

Anyway, you pointed me in the right direction and that's what counts. Don't give up on this board, its helped me on more than one occassion and I'm sure its help a lot of other people on many occassions.
Congradulations and Good Luck on your career change.
You didn't metnion which operating system you have.But If you have win98 so, make a startup disk and boot the computer from it.and just type on command prompt:
A:>sys c: system will be transfer and your computer will be boot normaly.It is also note that in your bios option first boot device will be Floppy drive.
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