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Outlook 2002 and shared calendars

I know Outlook 2002 no longer has a shared calendar feature.  (Typical of those wizards from MS to kill one of the few really useful features of the product).

Anyway  I need a way to share calendars over the internet.  I can't go back to Schedule Plus (because of PDAs) and I don't want to go to 4Team's product since it is only for Outlook 2002.

Does anyone know of a good work around, an add in or some other solution that will allow me to continue to share calendars through Outlook over the internet using a combination of versions of Outlook from 98 through 2002?

Keep in mind that most of my users are stand alone machines so exchange server is NOT the answer.
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There are a number of web-based calendar solutions with a look and feel very similar to Outlook's; here's one example.


Basically you'd need to set up a web server (I'd suggest Apache), PHP (for server-side processing of the calendar's scripts), and possibly a database package (PostGRESQL for instance) to handle the data.  

I think the most obvious drawback is that this isn't directly integrated into Outlook; you would probably place a separate shortcut to a web page on each user's desktop for them to be able to use such a calendar.
ndcpaAuthor Commented:
Sorry Zoplax:  That is not a workable solution.  I still need to sync PDAs with the desk top.

What I am looking for is an add-in or a hack that lets 2002 use the old shared setup?

ndcpaAuthor Commented:
Sorry Zoplax:  That is not a workable solution.  I still need to sync PDAs with the desk top.

What I am looking for is an add-in or a hack that lets 2002 use the old shared setup?

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There are a very useful website called Slipstick (http://www.slipstick.com) which might gives you some thoughts

ndcpaAuthor Commented:
Thank You syd2000.  I have been through Slipstick and have not come up with an answer.  That is why I am out here fishing.

Hello NDCPA:

The "old shared setup" used Net Folders to share calendar information.  There is no way to use Net Folders in Outlook 2002.  Net Folders actually sent out updates as email messages (which you are probably aware).  This posed security threats that Microsoft was not willing to "LET US TAKE."

The following Microsoft Office Assistance article describes how you can share your information with others even though you are not both using the same Exchange Server/Network or any Exchange Server at all.  The big stipulation is that all parties must be using Outlook 2002.  This does not fit your criteria totally, but may be the only option given Office XP's security restrictions.


ndcpaAuthor Commented:
Thanks DavisIII for the information.

It appears there is no answer for me.

Hello ndcpa

this question is open for more then 2 months
time to clean up
if not stated otherwise

my recom will be
-PAQ and refund
-this will be finalized by an EE Moderator
-with no further update (26.10.2002)


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ndcpaAuthor Commented:
Please delete this question and refund my points
Points refunded and placed in PAQ

E-E Admin
4Team is TERRIBLE!  Please, learn from my mistake and don't waste your money on it.

I've spent at least 30 hours trying to get it to work on 3 computers.  They claim it works on Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003.  But after having all sorts of problems with it, the company tells me that we should really just run it on 2003 b/c it works best on it.  (They said "2003 clears up 90% of the problems.")

It does not replicate data reliably.  It fails daily and has to be repaired.  They try to blame it on Outlook.   Also, they post bogus reviews of their product to try to inflate the positive to negative ratio of feedback.

They know about all of the issues with their product.  They've told me that they are TALKING about reprogramming it, but they didn't know when and would not comment on whether or not they'd be charging extra for the updates.

They will not give you a refund if (when) it doesn't work for you.

You have been warned.
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