Want a job teaching in a high school ?

Anyone living in the Whittier CA area want a job teaching graphic arts to high school students? Need to be able to teach Corel Draw, Photoshop, basic web design, general design principles. Need to teach students half of whom would be expecting to take journeyman positions in various organizations and agencies after graduating from high school.  Have fully equipped NT enterprise level teaching lab with professional grade application software. Would be teaching 10 months, and expect to earn about $36,000 to $40,000. One year appointment only.  Please respond to sprucefir@earthlink.net.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd be game if it were a Mac lab. Not sure about that NT stuff..heh
foresterAuthor Commented:
Hi Weed!

I thought you lived in northern California. You're only problem would be working with the Windows NT interface. Nothing else.

I personally set up the Lab last year, so it's cool. Basically performs flawless, and they do have a system administrator, so you wouldn't have to mess with that.

Students learn to use passwords, and they push their work to their own directories on the file server. Instructor machine is special souped up machine and is directly linked to Audio Visual overhead display. Instructor machine is linked to big Curriculum directory on file server, and has direct links to each student file area.

Student file area includes a central directory for each of the five courses taught during the day. Instructor loads any course material for the day into this area, and the students copy it to their workstations. Then course instruction proceeds normally.  Students push any material to be graded back into this area. Instructor "grades" or evaluates the material, and then puts it back here for the students to pick up. All this file transfer is seamless, since it looks to both the students and the instructor as if these directories are on their own workstations. (Just drag-and-drop operations, but it makes the instructor's life pretty easy.

Lots of the course material is already developed and well-organized. There was a superb teacher in there last year, but she got promoted. Hence the sudden search for a new teacher.  This school district has no relevant classifications, and is having trouble finding a qualified candidate.  The District would issue an "emergency teaching credential" to the candidate after he or she passes a short test (which requires about a 10th grade education as near as I can tell).

Candidate also needs to be able to teach Dreamweaver, and a little bit of Flash toward the end of the year. Prospective candidates would be interviewed by the school principal and vice principal. All students are seniors and extremely well-motivated. After last year's success, more students want to take the course than can fit into the 30 student lab, so only the better students have been allowed in. That's about all the details I have. They came to me because I built the Lab for them, helped the first teacher get started with appropriate instructional material, and because they're having trouble finding appropriate candidates.
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