How to fix all the hyperlink page only can be viewed in the the frame I set???

   Here I have a question about frame setting. In my html page, It has three frame. upper, middle and lower. the header and lower frame is the control I provide. The middle can be link to any page in other web server. In this page, upper and lower frame should exist all the time no matter how the middle part was linked? I set the the first hyerlink with target to middle frame. It work well. but when it further link to other pages, the upper and lower frame was disppear.
   How can I set all the linked page to display in the middle frame only.

Millions of thanks in advance
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You can't. You don't control content from outside your domain. Lots of pages have frames busters, and if they do, they're going to break your frames. There is nothing you can do about it.
yup, she's right.  that's what you get for trying to frame other pages.

hey ww, do frame busters bust out of iframes as well?
Not sure... I suspect so.
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> There is nothing you can do about it.
You can use a cgi which fetches the other site, removes the header, and paste the body inside the frame.
Or you can use SSI to do the same.
Should work on M$ too, even with iframes :-)
>> It work well. but when it further link to other pages, the upper and lower frame was disppear.

No, it won't. The intial page isn't the problem, it's the subsequent pages. Those would be linked from the other site, not from yours, and you wouldn't have any control over them at all.
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to ww
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