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Cluster size for games, swap and system partition

Posted on 2002-06-28
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
I was wondering what size I should set my cluster size to on my partitions.
I will have the following partitions,
System partition
Games partition
Swap file & Temp file parition
Documents partition

what would be good cluster size settings for these?
Question by:dxpertjr
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Expert Comment

ID: 7117863
Like I said in my comment on your other question, just leave the cluster size set to the default for the size of partition you're creating--there's really no reason to have it set to anything else.

Author Comment

ID: 7117867
so setting a larger cluster size on my games partition really wont make any performance difference?
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Expert Comment

ID: 7118484
The only possible advantage to setting a large cluster size is that it will reduce fragmentation--e.g. big clusters means files will be split into fewer chunks and therefore cannot get as fragmented. This may improve performance, but then, so would running a defrag on the drive--and the larger clusters will mean more space on the drive will be wasted due to small files.
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Accepted Solution

ITsheresomewhere earned 160 total points
ID: 7119057
Hi there,

Just a couple comments.

1) you're really over thinking this process without providing the detailed level of information that guides exact answers.  However, the ones made so far have been excellent.  

In each question you have stated general categories but no detailed support.  Ok, your trying to get a good setup, admirable, but the solution lies in the details.  With only generalized statements it is really difficult to express other than generally accepted norms.

Example Games - how many games, what is the total amount of space currently needed to just hold them, are they static in file generation or widely dynamic in swapping information in and out, are you going to be adding others or are you well satisfied with the ones you have, do you "test" new ones all the time?  All of these things weigh into trying to determine "optimum" setups.  And quite frankly, they will probably have to be changed over time as you adjust your patterns of what it is your doing.  

Let's say as an example the question is asked using sound files as the category.

You might get one answer that says big clusters, the thinking being you have many many mp3s (big usually) and change them in and out.  But that would be very wrong if you are a wav file collector (small files) and thus would be wasting alot of space.  The reverse would also be true.  So the details of x files, average file size of y size, 10 % under average 80% average 10% above average would more likely get a better qualified answer.  But heck by then you would know it yourself. ;-)

So solutions are found in understanding of details.

Sorry but I don't have a specific solution for this, and even with the details, probably wouldn't as this isn't my exact area.  I tend to go with the normal settings, trusting wiser minds have figured it out.

2)This suggestion is more of a request for your assistance.  Could you please close this very old question?


A great effort is underway to bring all of the question queues up to date and your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Hope this has made sense, been of help and not bored you.


Author Comment

ID: 7120715
yea, this made sense, i will just figure it out on my own, i can't close the other question, it keeps giving me some really strange error, i will keep trying to close it though

Expert Comment

ID: 7120789
Ok A couple last adds, regular application of defragmenting can really be a best selection.  Done regularly - especially on drives that change alot keeps them tidy and keeps the length of time it takes down.

Also, if you have files that you really dont use much at all, or don't change much then all those in one drive letter works out real well.  I have one with all my mp3s in it and since I don't remove many the drive stays pretty orderly.  Likewise I keep old spare copies of programs and drivers and such there.  My Archive - and I don't have to mess with it too often because I know the files are pretty static.

Also - become comfortable with getting backups of things, that way you can make changes knowning the data is safe.  Heck part of the interest in PC is testing and improving things, just take them one at a time - too many changes at once means unhappy camper.

I'm sure you'll tune it up well as time goes along and you get comfortable with what is where and what it is doing.

Good luck and heck always stop back and bring a few details along and ask for 'say what do you think about this' that's what everyone is here for.


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