the row i need

'Grade is initalized
Grade = .txtGrade.Text

'step is initalized from RSGrad table
'as the first value in field grstNumber
step = RSGrad!grstNumber

'when the row is the initalized Grade row, get the other
'fields values which are grstStart and grstIncrease
Do Until step = Grade
   step = step +1
   StartAmount = RSGrad!grstStart
   StepInc = RSGrad!grstIncrease

OK i know my loop is ilogical but i don't know how to use the step as an index or something so i can get the values of the other fields.

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It looks like you're using a Recordset (RSGrad) so why can't you find the record you want by using a SELECT statement?

eg using ADO: SQL = "SELECT fields FROM table WHERE grstNumber = " & Val(txtGrade.Text)
Set RSGrad = New ADODB.RecordSet
RSGrad.Open SQL, connection, adForwardOnly

and then

StartAmount = RSGrad!grstStart
StepInc = RSGrad!grstIncrease
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Please maintain your open questions:

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almahaAuthor Commented:
none of them is solved and none of the comments is an answer! what shall i do.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Re-read the EE Guidelines ( and / or post a comment in Community Support.

You can chosse not to finalize your questions, just be aware that experts are less inclined to help in this case.  It is your choice.

almahaAuthor Commented:
OK Done will you please help me on my question?
Mahdi MansourDesign Monitoring & Evaluation ManagerCommented:
i don't think that i understand ur question ,,,,,
u want to get the values of the other fileds from the same row ...???!!!!!!

plz clerify ur question more....

Mahdi MansourDesign Monitoring & Evaluation ManagerCommented:
Ya i agree with PNJ , use a select statment ...
almahaAuthor Commented:
it didn't work :s but at least you gave a solution :) thX
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