Interbase Editions

Hi Experts.
I need to ask you about the differences and limitations of different editions of Interbase 6, Open Edition, Local, and complete server.

I want a description of each type and it's limitations and usage.

Thanks in advance
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YodaMageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Borland first decided they were going to either sell InterBase, or spin it out into its' own company.

This was right about the time that they were considering getting into bed with Corel, and lots of other really stupid thoughts.

When a company that was going to buy InterBase, which I don't remember now, backed out sometime about 1999, Borland hung on to it but put it on the back burner. With the birth on Kylix and Borland push into Linux, somebody over at Borland decided that IB should be given to the open source crowd. Seems to me that it was ploy to try to really get a solid foothold in Linux should it take off. Well, as we al seem to be finding out, Linux is not really flying as the new evolution of computing. Borland has decided to essentially withdraw from its' open source support of InterBase. Borland has in fact started to actually apply some of its' resources to InterBase as somebody seems to have figured out that they have one of the more robust RDBMS systems in their own house and have ignored it.

The future of InterBase seems to be solid both commercially and open source. Borland is actually promoting it for once and develping new and better tools for it. FireBird also seems to have solid backing and a large following. The questions then become:

1) Will the open source community continue to develop FireBird, even if or when some other product is open sourced?
2) If Borland wants to make IB a commercial success, they will have to devote at least enough resources to IB to keep it ahead of FB, or why would anyone use it. Is Borland commited to IB finally?

I can't honestly answer the first question, but I believe that there is a large enough FB following to keep up development for the forseeable future. The second seems to have been answered with the release of IB 6.5.

Of course all we can ever do is speculate.
Borland Certified Desktop and Server 6.5:

FireBird is essentially InterBase 6.0.1 which means it is missing most 6.5 improvements but has all the functionality of Borland IB 6.0 otherwise:

I am sure that FireBird will not be far behind with these changes.

Your choice really boils down to:

-$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Both for product and support)
-Are you more comfortable with Borland being a security blanket?
-Are you will to jump into the source if need be to fix your own problem (Though I have yet to have to fix any code in FireBird), or would you rather wait a few months or maybe more for a patch / release from borland?

MotazAuthor Commented:
Hi youdamaga,
What is FireBird? where can I find more information about it.
Also I didn't find the Open Edition of Interbase, did they stop open edition?

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MotazAuthor Commented:
I forget to mention that I'm using Delphi 6, which has a special support for Interbase 6
6.0.1 and different FireBird versions can be found at:

It is a long story but suffice it to say that Borland was going to cut InterBase loose and give it to the open source world, and so they started releasing it open source. Hence the IB 6 open source links. Borland then decided they wanted to keep InterBase, so what you essentially have is IB 6 open source (I believe 6.2 is the latest you'll find), FireBird versions which are essentially IB 6 with enhancements and changes made by the open source community, and IB 6.5 which can be purchased from Borand.
This thread will fill you in:

This is also a good site: 
Anything else?
MotazAuthor Commented:
Thanks Yoda, but what did you mean by this:

>Borland was going to cut InterBase loose and give it to the open source world,

Actually I want to know the future of Interbase

MotazAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late grading, I forget
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