Epson stylus color 600 problem

I got Epson stylus color 600 printer.
The printer is still in use three days ago, but suddenly can't work properly these few days.

PROBLEM: Whatever I print, it only print out some strange symbols, that even can't be found in keyboard. No matter pages I print, it will print out those symbols continously untill I turn the printer off!!

I've try the followings:
-- use printer and window's print test page, but still print out those symbols endlessly
-- change new ink and cable
-- download and install the suitable latest driver from epson
-- It's the default printer
-- uninstall and install again, still no use
-- even format the whole computer and install all things back, but still no use

Please help and tell me if I can do anythings to fix it!

(Although it's a very old printer, personally, I can't be economically afford to buy a new one.  And I'm now urgently finding job, I need it to print application letter and resume.  Please help!!)
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can't even print a built-in self test then the printer is not working and will not work.  It is messed up internally.  Buy a new one, borrow one from a friend, use one at a local library, community college, or ESC office.
You don't mention trying a new cable.  It sounds like the cable has a problem or maybe the cable is not connected completely.
You also didn't mention printing a test page from the printer itself.  Most have a self-test mode triggered with a couple of keys.  If it will print this internal test page then the printer should be okay.
If you can't fix the printer, maybe you can use one at a local library or Employment Security Commission office.  I try not to print out things because it costs money to print and mail them.  You could also try applying for positions that will accept your resume through email.
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
I've tried a new cable before and also tried print the test page both from printer's own test mode and window's one, but it's the same, only print out that symbols.

To the best, I want to fix it and print.  Please tell me if anything I still can try.

Yes, I also trying to book the printer from local library but the waiting list is quite long.
By the way, what and where is "Employment Security Commission office"?
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Are you located in the US?  If so, you should have an Employment Security Commission office in your vicinity.  Mine is about 20 miles away.  I have had a lot to do with them in the past seven months of job seeking and unemployment checks.  They will help you find a job.  They should have computer lab that you can use for job searches and resume printing.
It sounds like the printer is shot.  Can you borrow someone else's to print on (if you can't use one that your tax dollars have paid for)?  I don't believe that printer will live again.  If it won't even print it's internal test page you are probably SOL.
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
It's pity I am not situated in US.  Maybe I really need to find another place for printing.  
Anyway, thanks a lot for your advice.
It appears that your printer might be facing some communication error, or it don't recongnise the 'language' use when print.

What you can try is, instead of printing through the default way (document printing) in the printer properties, print as graphical, it'll take up more memory but it may help in your printjob.

another thing is you might want to check if you have use the correct OS printer drivers?
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
Just try to print out some graphic/photos, it print out different strange symbols for different photos.  That means it can receive signal, but wrongly and print out symbols.

The driver using is downloaded from and is suit for Windows 98 version as what i'm using.
So what I still can try, please?
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
I would appreciate if anyone still can help and I would render and close this question in two weeks, thanks.
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
Since none of the solutions can solve my problem till now, I would like to close the question.  
And points would be given to SLINK9 who offers me the greatest advice though in vain.

By the way, it may be the problem in the printer port of the motherboard.

Thanks anyway.
selfisolatedAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your advice.
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