web cam & interoperability

How can I capture video from web cam & mic and send & receive to & from to others through Internet (like NetMeeting) ?

Is there any open SDK for them ?

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edeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think, for most webcam - sertainly mine, that the driver let's the cam act as a two system devices - a video capture source & a microphone. In this case your problem isn't really webcam specific at all. You just need to know how to read a video/sound stream. Well, that and send it to somebody else.

Unfortunately the question, as worded, is rather open ended & not quite specific enough to get/give good feedback. That kind of software will have a couple of hurdles to cross. I'd sugest that you might find help of a much higher quality it you breakit up into several very specific question. IE:

1)How do I accesss a video/audio stream from of system device?
2)What's a good/fast/easy way to compress said video/audio steams?
3)Is there already some good VCL/library for good persistant connections between ips?
4)If the best answer to #3 is some sort of asynchronous protocol how do I go about reconstruction the streams at the remote end?

I'm sure you'd have other questions throughout such a project, I know I would, but not having attempted something like this I don't really know what they'd all be ;p

I'm afraid my best advice in this situation comes in two flavours:

1)You might consider the idea that's there's a number of such bits of software that already do this. It might be a good idea to evaluate the "cost" (mostly you time, I'd think) in writing another.

2)If there is a really good reason to do this (ie, you need something that doesn't exist, or you would like to know what those questions are - very valuable, if time consuming ;p ) I'd sugest you start looking at the thing i've sugested, start working at the parts. Then if you run into a snag, try asking a very specific question.

This whole thing does, of course, assume that you're actually wanting to finish this project, and not have someone do it for you for 200 pts ;p Sorry, no offense, but we do see that a bit in here. Though, if that should be the case I'd strongly suggest looking at something like : http://www.rpmfind.net//linux/RPM/cooker/cooker/i586/Mandrake/RPMS/gnomemeeting-0.92-0.2mdk.i586.html and be done with it.

I hope I can be of more help in the future, I'm afraid this rather long winded comment prob wasn't quite what you're looking for, though i hope it will lead you to that which you do seek.

Oh, nearly forgot - I'd also suggest that a good place to start on the capture end might be here: http://www.progdigy.com/ . Check out the bit about DSPack.

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Hi Andrewyu

I have a Logitech quickcam. It has a SDK and if you look at


you will find more info on how to use the Logitech webcam SDK with delphi.

Hope this helps...

best regards,
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
andrewyuAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help, however, seems that no one can help me yet.

Try out this sample code:

Hope it helps!
Well, Andrewyu...

You must understand your task is not an easy one. First you have to deal with how to capture an image and then, you have to try to send it over a network. Lot of programming here is neccesary.

Good luck

best regards
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
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