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I have a network right now which has a DC but is not on an internet domain, i.e., it's configured as .local. Anyway, I'm going to register a domain and I want it to link to this server (easy) but I need to configure DNS on this server and get rid of my existing local domain and reinstall AD...stuff like that. Any suggestions to aid this process or configuring a windows 2000 server to work with an internet domain are appreciated.

Plus, any suggestions on good companies to register raw domains with are appreciated. (The domain is going to be run on this server, as well as webpages, so if you haven't realized already, no other services from the company).
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is some info that may point you in the right direction.

  -Server 1 has a Primary forward lookup zone for the LAN subnet that is active directory enabled & allowing
                 dynamic updates correct ?
                 -The Ip of the DNS server mmc & Zone matches the IP statically allocated to Server one correct ?
                 -You have the forwarders enabled & have deleted the root zone correct ? Forwarders point to the ISP's
                 Dns Ip's ?
                 -Did you enable & authorize dhcp ?> Configure scope options 03,06,15,44,46.
                 03=inside IP of Server 1
                 06=inside IP of Server 1
                 15=full 2000 domain name
                 44=inside IP of Server 1
                 -Switch server2 to use dhcp..Clear all other added tcp/ip properties configured options.
                 -Run Ipconfig /release , Ipconfig /renew.
                 -Run IPConfig /all (tons of all that good dhcp stuff ?)
                 -Run administrative tools active directory wizard & join an existing tree.
                 -Im wondering if Im mistakenly thinging dhcp on a DC is allowed...cant remember now damn it!.
                 -If not, statically assign the IP, gateway=server1 IP. DNS=server1 IP, Advanced tab.. DNS Suffix for
   the Lan Nic (your full 2000 domain name minus the computer name). Wins IP=server
                 1 IP.

From: tim_holman      Date: 03/21/2001 03:03PM PST
                 You need to configure a reverse lookup record (PTR) in your DNS server, as in order for nslookup to
                 work, it needs to be able to reverse lookup the name of the DNS server.
                 This is disabled by default as is a minor security hole - you don't want internet users poking around
                 in your DNS and finding out about your naming conventions / domain name topology.
                 nslookup is a useful tool, but be careful, and maybe remove the PTR record once you've finished.
                 Then again, plenty of people enable it, so if you've nothing worth hacking into and are not an investment
                 bank, then I suppose it doesn't really matter !

win2k web server help. Using Host Header Names to Host Multiple Sites from One IP address

From: Housenet    Date: 04/03/2001 05:08AM PST NAT port 25 SMTP not working - all else OK
                 -Lets go through your Nat setup & find the problem.
                 -2 Nics correct ?
                 -Did you enable special ports or address assignment? (dont).
                 -Dhcp server installed ? Pass options to client 003,006,015,044,046..Specify the inside IP of the server
                 for everthing. If its a DC specify the Fqdn of the 2000 domain (not internet domain in the dhcp domain option).
                 -Again if its a DC the foward lookup zone for the Lan should be the only zone listed & bound to the
                 inside IP of the server. (unless you're hosting internet zones)..
                 -The root zone on the DNS server must be deleted & forwarders option must be used (enter ISP's DNS in
                 forwarders), & dont mess with the root hints..
                 -On the server & all clients tcpip properties should be pointing only to the inside IP of the server.

                 -Is it a DC, & can you confirm any of what Im asking here ?

From: Housenet         Date: 02/07/2001 08:08PM PST
 Some things you should know & that I suffered over for a couple of weeks on my first 2000 install.
   -When you have a single DC with AD it has all the 2000 domain fuction roles & this is generally not  recomended. Doing so is okay but you have to learn how to lookup the error messages in the & on
                 MSKB to determine which ones you should take literally or seriously.
  -If you know NT 4 you are probably very comfortable setting up tcp-ip settings for a LAN, internet access,     dns etc... Applying the same settings in 2000 will result in domain related errors like you are describing.

   -The fact is, DNS is the means of resolution in active directory & a critial factor in setting up a 2000 domain is to setup DNS properly. What this means is..
 -Correctly configured 2K dns name space that does not match your internet domain name.
 -A forward & reverse lookup zone in DNS for your LAN's subnet. The single 2K DC should  use & provide   dns resolution for the lan by having every pc & the server itself point to only the 2K server's inside IP for DNS resolution. On the 2K server (with internet access) delete the (.) root zone then enable forwarders & root hints. Enter your isp's dns server IP's only in the forwarders option on the 2K DC.

  -A server like yours with tcp-ip dns configured with ISP dns servers with cause all kinds of domain
                 errors related to the fact that it is trying to contact other AD-DNS servers to discover ad-dns records
                 about the domain. It also can cause long delays opening certain management mmc's.
                 -there's alot to it & I dont mind sharing my experiences if it is it ?

     -You servers tcpip properties should point only to the internal DNS server IP.
   -Use this with the suffix information on all windows computers in the lan to avoid dns headaches.
                   Dns on typical windows computer setting if 2000 domain info would show you
                   with IP
                   -The TCP on windows station, dns properties should reflect
                   -Host=netbios computer name
                   -DNS server search=
                   -Dns (append)
Is your 2000 machine a DC ? I ask because it would imply that DNS server is installed on the
                      Advanced server.
  -If I have this straight you have 2 nic's in the server. One nic is a dhcp client to the cable network
  & 1 has a static address.
 -On the dns server delete the root zone (.) enable forwarders (ISP's DNS) & root hints.
 -have your dhcp push the servers Inside IP for dns resolution ONLY. You should also be pushing    as the gateway or router option in dhcp (i think its option 003).
  -The idea is....All client's including the server itself point to for dns resolution. The
    forwarders will resolve any internet requests & return the results to the clients.
  -Disable rras after reconfiguring any options & re-setup enabling nat on the cable NIC.
 -If you configure it this way your clients will have internet connectivity & have dns configured idealy


From: Portang       Date: 03/12/2001 04:50PM PST
 The second server have two ways to join the domain. (1) Run Active Directory (2) Join the Pre-Windows
                 2000 Domain

                 1 > Errors are occuring while running active directory setup

                 ActiveDirectory heavily relies on DNS! It must be the problem that your first server is not authoritative
                 for your DNS domain.
 Say your DNS domain name is, the authoritative DNS servers must be listed on Internic! Simply
                 configure your first server's DNS is not good enough!
                 When you setup Active Directory on the second server, it will go out to the Internet and ask for the
                 authoritative name server for the domain ! So, if your authoritative DNS servers are hosted
                 by your ISP, what do you think it would be like ?  If you can't work around this chicken-egg problem,
                 try next method ...

                 2 > Second server will not join domain

 To join the pre-Windows 2000 Domain requires NetBIOS over TCP/IP be ebabled on both servers because
the pre-win2000 domain name is a NetBIOS name! So check WINS setting under advanced TCP/IP properties.
  Once they're joined, you can disable the NetBT alltogether and make your domain pure native Active Directory.

heheman3000Author Commented:
If you have step-by-step explanations and good links for making everything work between a server and a registered domain, that would be appreciated as well. There are lots of sites that show you how to make crappy servers but I would like some real, valuable, info. Thanks.
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

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heheman3000Author Commented:
Ok...I still have 5 days to learn about this till I actually do it so I'll porbably increase the points but not award any till the 6th.

Thanks SysExpert!
heheman3000Author Commented:
SysExpert, those links had a lot of info but were very vague...could I get a list of all the MAIN things to do when configuring an internet domain?

Read all three before even starting.

Win2k DNS and AD are very difficult to set up correctly the first time !!!

You may need a couple of tries to get it right.

Each setup depends on your exact needs.
You are trying to do  the equivalent of earning an MCSE in win2k in 5 days !!

I hope this helps !
heheman3000Author Commented:
Lol I'm 14 years old. A month ago I got win2k server, and set it up on my home network. It took 6 re-installs and 7 re-images to get it working right, and to get DHCP and ICS to work together, and to configure it for a local domain. I spent 8 hours straight on the computer each day that weekend. Fortunately, I have a lot of patience, and when I finally got everything working, I was very satisfied. Unfortunately, I have to do it all again, and this time with a web domain...

Anyway, I'll ghost my HD before doing this so if I totally screw up I can restore it. Don't worry, I learn fast and I don't care if my system screws up as long as the boot record is intact :)

Really? If I learn all that I have the equivalent of MCSE? Tell me you're making an overstatement.
heheman3000Author Commented:
I think I have AD and local DNS down pat from my last sessions. I just need, mainly, how to get DNS lookup zones working for my domain and how to make subdomains point to HTTP ports on this computer...
heheman3000Author Commented:
I have my computers and users connected to my domain working right, the logon on each computer and such. After a long time configuring the domain logon and server and client settings it finally worked. (A couple weeks ago when I got win2k.)

All the client computrers are Win98 because I can't get win2k professional.

I basically understand the workings of AD now anyway, so the thing is how to make my computer work with DNS on the internet.

I have something else to say but I forgot what it was.
heheman3000Author Commented:
Oh yeah do you know if there is a comprehensive guide to writing logon scripts? Such as connecting network drives and loading user profiles?

Points upped.
heheman3000Author Commented:
Don't worry SysExpert, I've reinstalled AD a lot and I've read a lot of knowledgebase articles and otherwise.

The main thing I have to tackle is not setting up a domain but getting it to work with registering with NetSol or such a company and making DNS work for external access.
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