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Programing with very LARGE Numbers

Can I use C to do calculations with very large numbers ( like 2^(10^10) ). If yes what math libraries should I be using? And what is the best software (at a reasonable price, prefferably freeware) that I can use  to write C on Win 98?

If no, what language should I use and what is the best software (at a reasonable price, prefferably freeware) that I can use  to write this language on Win 98?

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oleberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The code is C standard. Any compiler must work.

Try http://www.borland.com/products/downloads/download_cbuilder.html maybe works and is free

Not sure about Windows, but on most UNIX plartforms, you'll find a header mp.h that does multiple precision (ie. big numbers).

However, when doing these things, I prefer to have some sort of straight forward built-in type in the language.  Then, a language like Python (has such a built-in type) is useful.  Also, most math scripting environments have this too (ie. Octave, Mathematica, etc.).
ody13Author Commented:
Thanks for your answer.

Could you please clarify a little more about what I need to do on a UNIX platform (what is the command and where I add it?)

Also, do you think Maple could also do what I am looking for?

BTW, Are you familiar with Maple?

Thanks again,
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As for using the mp library, it's been a while since I've used it.  So I'll have to tell you to check the man page.

As for Maple, I've never used it. If it's as good a math package as people say it is, then there will be no problem handling large numbers with it.
Maple should be able to do it. Its a long time since i used it, but it is a very poerful program.
Code Projects has "A class for operations with Large Integer Numbers" article:

I never test this code but it have some time.

search in http://www.snippets.org/snippets/portable/portable.php3

for "unsigned integer math"
ody13Author Commented:
Oleber and SteveGTR,

what program should I use in Win98 to run the codes that the websites that you suggested have?

cygwin is a unix shell under win32, has most common functions, includes gcc. Its not the greatest, but its a free compiler and if you are used to unix...
There are many other free ones, other ports of gcc, borland has a free one (no IDE if memory serves). Search on google. There are a lot of free C compilers for windows...

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