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How to save crystal report result in VB App?


I have a vb app that uses crystal report 8.0 to display database data in "table report" and images(*.bmp) files in "image report". I can print them but how can I save them into a file. Is there anyway I can save the table report as a word doc and the image report as any image file? I've seen something like the following with Crystal report 8.5:
 crystalReport1.PrintFileName = "C:tmp\myReport.??"

I am not sure if that is the way crystal report 8.5 save to file. But I can't even find the ".PrintFileName" function in 8.0. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

1 Solution
I can answer a part about saving Crystal report as a file (not sure about image file). You'll need to change settings of Crystal control properties (in VB project) destination to "To File" in general properties, then in PrintToFile properties - choose file format. Then write a code to give a path to the control, give it a title and so on. In my example I used RTF file.
CrRepExp.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\CoverPage.rpt"
CrRepExp.SelectionFormula = strSelect
CrRepExp.DiscardSavedData = True
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
CrRepExp.PrintFileName = "file path\cov" & Dtm & ".rtf"
To save graphics you might need to use different file format. About image file - it doesn't have default settings for any. Try to experiment with different formats.
Hope that helps.
ahpuiAuthor Commented:
hi Allas,

in my vb app, I added crystal report as designer and  linked the designer to a database and create table with some of the database data fields. Then I use CRViewer control to show the resulting table as a report. My problem is I don't know how to save what I see from the CRViewer (the report) to a word doc or, if it's an image display, to an image file. Does my approach in creating the report conflict with what you proposed? if it does, is there other ways to create the report? How do I change the setting of the crystal control? I can't find the "PrintToFile" property.
I used Crystal Report as control to call existing Crystal Report from VB. To get to the properties - put CR control on the form, right click your mouse and choose properties. In my case I was creating Crystal Report based on queries/tables from Access database and in VB I was attaching report to the control and in the code - set up report name, title, selection criteria and so on. This sample I sent you in previous answer works just fine but like I said you will loose some graphics when printing to file. PrintToFile is setting for Crystal Report control, not the viewer. I never tried CRViewer myself - not sure how do it this way. Alla
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ahpuiAuthor Commented:
hi Alla,

can you give me an example on creating report using CR control. Any links for sample code? Thanks!

Good morning
To create report - open Crystal Report software. You can create report using report expert or from scratch. Through wizard it's pretty self explanatory. There is an option there to choose tables/queries from database as a base for the report. It'll build auto-report for you and then you can modify it. Save it.
In VB - put Crystal Report control on your form. Name control (in my example it's CrRepDebts). You could setup all properties by right clicking the mouse and choosing necessary options or set it up in the code - I prefer the code - gives you more flexibility (like setting date range for ex.). Put a commandButton control on the form and attach following code (modify it first) on Click event for this button. Sample of the code is:

strSelect = "{QryCensusDate_1A.FacCode}= '" & strFacil & "' and {QryCensusDate_1A.Date} in #" & mtStart & "# to #" & mtEnd & "# "
CrRepDebts.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\Sec1AMonthCens.rpt"
CrRepDebts.SelectionFormula = strSelect
CrRepDebts.DiscardSavedData = True
CrRepDebts.ReportTitle = "Section I.A. - Monthly Census for " & facName & "  for " & Format(mtEnd, "mmmm") & " - " & Year(mtEnd) & ""
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault

In this sample I filter table records to get specified by user month only and give it custom title. The end result is printing the report. You could setup CrystalReport control to print preview, print to printer, print to file.
To print to file - see sample in my first answer. Of course don't forget to substitute your report name and you might not need selection fomula.
Good Luck
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