Domain migration NT4 to W2k

I want to switch my NT4.0 network to Windows 2000. There is a PDC, one BDC, three NT4.0 and one W2k member servers and about 15 NT4 clients.  I cannot upgrade both PDC/BDC because they don't meet hardware requirements I bought a new machine for the futur master DC.

How can I bring the existing user database to this W2k Server. Is the following correct:

1. setup the new machine as a W2k member server
2. remove the NT4.0 PDC from the domain (leaving the BDC as the domain controller)
3. add the W2k server to the NT4.0 domain as a domain member
4. promote the W2k member server to a domain controller (which synchronizes it with the BDC)
5. remove the NT4.0 BDC from the domain
6. promote the W2k member server as secondary DC

On the net I couldn't find migration plans for this situation. They mostly describe the case where the PDC is upgraded to W2k. I'll be thankful for any advices.
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Pretty much, although you can simply add the New win2k as a BDC without removing your original PDC at all, and later promote it if needed.

hese links will help you perform the upgrade from NT to win2k

I hope this helps !
minor correction, the recommended method is to install your new machine as an NT4 BDC, and then install win2k over this ( as it already has the Domain accounts ), and then you can later use DCpromo etc.

Good Luck !

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Actually, W2K can NOT play a BDC role.  Nor can you run DCpromo and have it join an existing NT4 domain.

Since your existing NT4 PDC/BDCs can't be upgraded to W2K, you'll need to add a new machine, install NT4 as a BDC for your existing domain, promote it to PDC.  Once it's the PDC, you can upgrade it to W2K. A W2K domain controller MUST play the PDC role in an NT4 domain because in W2K the controller database is writable by any domain controller. (Since a BDC can't write to the database, W2K can't deal with that).

in W2K, DCpromo will only allow you to join a W2K domain, it can't be used to join an NT4 domain.
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Nevaar : you essentially repeated what I said.
Thanks for supporting my recommendations.

Almost the same but not quite.

The machine being upgraded MUST be the PDC. You can't upgrade a BDC.
uelitribelhornAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both for replying.

To be sure: Is it rigth that I cannot promote the W2k member server in my existing Nt4 domain directly to a Primary DC of that domain? Do I have to go through a NT4 installation to make the new machine a PDC and then upgrade it to Win2000?

Do I risk some disadvantages having an OS which is a mix of NT4 and W2k due to the upgrade?

After the above procedure is it secure (or even possible) to rename the new W2k DC to the same name that the old PDC had?
If you can't upgrade an existing NT4 domain controller, you DO need to build a new NT4 domain controller, promote it to PDC then upgrade it to W2K.  You can't promote a W2K member server into the domain.

I don't know how you could reuse the computer name on the new W2K server unless you demoted the existing NT4 PDC, promoted an NT4 BDC to the PDC role, then powered off the old PDC before you added the new, soon-to-be-upgraded, machine into the domain.

You couldn't have the existing NT4 PDC and the new soon-to-be-W2K domain controller on-line at the same time with the same name.  That would be bad.
Correct. You need to first instal NT4 as a BDC on your NEW machine.

At some point after you promote the New machine in NT4 to PDC, you take the old PDC offline and use it in case you need to recover, as it will have an intact SAM with all the user accounts.
You should be then able to rename the DC.

Do you plan on implementing AD or staying in mixed mode ?

I hope this helps !
uelitribelhornAuthor Commented:
Yes I will implement AD and switch to native mode as soon as I can take the old BDC offline.
Thanks again.
uelitribelhornAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, SysExpert, I did it this way and it works. I had to rename the W2k machine as it was a BDC, after upgrading to W2k this is not possible anymore.
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