Processor temperature, cooler speed and ACPI

Hi folks, I need some help here:

I read that my motherboard (Intel´s cc820) is capable of reading some data from the hardware, such processor´s temperature and cooler speed (RPM). How can I access this data? do I need especial extra hardware? or any extra software?

By the way: does it have anything to do with ACPI? for my coolers doesn´t go off when I put the computer to sleep.


A few notes: (thanks jlauster)

I´ve been visiting a lot of sites with technical information on the matter and it´s almost unbelievable how useless they are, especialy Intel´s site. Anyway, i took a look at the motherboard´s instalation CDrom and there´s no software to install wich could monitor the computer´s sensors.
I also searched for ACPI and I always find the same thing: "in order to use STR (suspend to ram) you must be sure your OS and your hardware is compatible with ACPI". How the f*ck am I gonna know that? (sorry for this) Couldn´t they just tell me how to find out!? Is windows 98 SE ok with ACPI? or a voodoo card?
Well, here are the facts:
- my computer has the option to "stand by", but not to "hibernate" (does that mean it´s ACPI enabled?)
- when it´s on stand by, the coolers won´t turn off (should it be like this?)
- i also read - in window´s help, just pressing F1 at desktop - that if you change you file system to FAT32 your system will automaticaly disable the "hibernate" mode, due to some incompatibility. Ever heard about it? (incredible how the newest technology in file system can´t live with the newest technology in computer stand-by. Congrats again, mr. Gates)

All I want is to have a computer that can suspend to ram and to find out the temperature of my processor. I think i´ll get nuts before that though.

Anyway, I apreciate your help A LOT. thanks, folks.

OS: windows 98 se
pentium III 600
voodoo 3 3000
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Motherboard Monitor is an excellent program to monitor your computer's vitals.  (Temp fan speed etc.)

It can pretty much auto detect most chipsets.
The only way to make a fan automatically slowdown or stop in standby thru ACPI is to have a 3-wire fan (pos, neg, and rpm) connected to a motherboard fan header.  If it is a 2-wire fan connected to a 4 pin PSU connector, ACPI cannot slow/stop the fan.

It looks like here you have 3 said connectors.
Under "Hardware Control and Power" section marked as A, B, and D.
If you have your HSF, and other fans connected to this, then all you have to do is install MBM5 (above) and configure it the way you want it to be configured.
The monitoring should either be available in BIOS and setup there, or there will be a monitoring program on the motherboard installation CD. I'll see if I can find a bit more information on your board.
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