Distributing VB6 applications

Hi, I need to know what the best way to distribute VB programs is.  For instance, if I make a simple .exe, what is the best way to ensure it will run on all Windows systems?

I've tried to send an .exe to friends, and usually get some .dll error or something.

I'd like it to as small as possible (to send over internet).


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MelissaEvansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a free installer.  I haven't played with it, it was recommended by a friend - but if you don't have access to the PDW it might be of interest to you.  =)

Do you have the package and deployment wizard? If so you can use this to bundle up your project files and .exe file. This will then create a setup package that wil alow the target users to install your program. I may be wrong but, this is probably the easiest way without spending any money.

If you are serious about developing then I would reccommend Bit Arts Fusion, this is a software packager that you can download a free 30 day trial of, which is excellent the link is http://www.bit-arts.com/fusion.html
a thing to remember when using the trial version is that the file will only work with the name given by the program following compilation.


If you want to keep your file small to send over the net you could just send the .exe file along with a link to the vb runtime files on Microsoft's site.


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The link is for vb6.Also,if you use any controls that are not contained in the download or on the users machine ,then you will need to distribute them as well.
samsonite1023Author Commented:
These suggestions are great, however I do not need installation wizards and such (yet).  I'd just like the person to be able to run the .exe without getting dll errors.

Perhaps I should use a "Binder" or "Joiner" ?  

Thank you for your comments so far

samsonite1023:  "I do not need installation wizards and such (yet). " is ABSOLUTELY WRONG...Yes you do, because the purpose of the Installation is so that a PC which DOES NOT have VB installed on it, can run your EXE without getting the DLL errors.  The installation is done to add those DLLs to the other PC, so that the VB program will run.

Arthur Wood
samsonite1023Author Commented:
Arthur, I just need something that will put the .dll's in the system folder and register them.  That does NOT require a 5 or 6 step installation program.

You are absolutely wrong.


This is what VB exe files require:

Msvbvm60.dll (or Msvbvm50.dll) in the system folder (it's advisible not to copy it there).
This is the runtime file needed for all exe files to work.  If it is not found in the system folder, it must at least be in the SAME folder as that of your vb exe's folder.

The same goes for any ocx file(s) that you've used in your vb exe.

Thus, all you need (as in, the safest method) to do is to:

- Zip up all the ocx files, vb runtime file that you've used
- Create a self-extracting exe file to unzip all it's contents into the SAME folder.

There is no need to register them if they're in the same folder.

Your vb exe should work fine from there without any errors unless:

You've used any 3rd party ocx/dll files that's not found on the other person's PC.

That's it!

glass cookie : )
samsonite1023Author Commented:
Thanks melissa
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