Installing 2 CD drives...Whats Wrong?

I have a CDR/RW and a 52x.
The CDRW is a BTC 2xR 2xRW 6xRead
The 52x is some no-name dodge job.(sorry)

They installed automatically fine the firs time.
I then removed my CDRW and put it back in later.
It didnt work after that.

I tried to fix it by making it the Secondary master, and
my CDROM the slave.

My CDRW runs like a dream now however.

No matter what i do,(i've tried everything), the other
drive is undetectable/uninstallable. (except for a few sightings of E: in explorer)

It must be a hardware problem, because both my drives
are usually detected in the Bios startup (either primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave depending on the jumpers), but now just the CDRW is detected,

What do i do? Is my CDROM finished?
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mudhog_comConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the CD ROM in another system to verify that it is working correctly.  You can also try a known good CD ROM in your system to verify that your system isn't the problem. Try setting both drives to cable select rather than master and slave.
Gotta believe mudhog is correct with the cable select option. Had to do that myself before. If no access to another computer or drive, try just the cd in question alone on that controller.
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